Friday, April 17, 2009

I was kidnapped by a friend and paid ransom money of RM 60.

Let’s starts with the wonderful last weekend I had. After receiving a call from a long time lost friend, we agreed to meet up for a simple lunch. I was brought to Sungai Long, a new place for me which is quite near to Cheras. We had the famous chicken rice as our lunch.
UTAR branch at Sg. Long
Then, we walked around the area from one row of shophouses to another despite the drizzling rain. The place here is quite difference as the shophouses is in the original red brick state and not cemented. There are a lot of restaurants which I would say paradise for the students there. We were attracted to a gift shop during the walk. We spent quite some time here after being persuaded with the promotions offered by the shop. I bought a new bag for Jun Jun for his upcoming entry to kindergarten (RM 18). Oh.. this small kid is going to a legal place to play around! Haha.. Quite impressed of him for being able to say 1-10 in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
I just can't imaging this playful Jun Jun is entering to the kindergarten. I hope he will store books inside instead of normal variety of of sweet biscuits he is having now.
Then, I went to tar pau for my dinner later. I ordered the wine dry mee soup (RM5) which is one of my favourite. After that, my search for food continued as I saw many stalls by the roadside were crowded with people. I saw rojak….when is the last time I eat fruit rojak? Without hesitation, I ordered one which costs RM 3.50. The portion was quite big and the fruits were fresh. Then, I saw tong shui stalls which was crowded with the most people. I ordered bu bu cha cha and also honey dew blended with durian. The former was sweet and the sweet potato was a large one. The latter was extremely NICE and TASTY. Total cost was about 7.50 including treat for my friend. Wow..the place really home for food paradise. How I hope Taman Connought to have such nice tong shui stalls. I must praised myself for initiating the move to order tong shui from this stall. Brilliant decision or else I will miss the good food.
After that, we went to another side of the same area. Then, we entered Mydin just to look around. I ended up buying a new toy (RM 17) for myself which I wanted for long time ago. I did not purchase earlier due to objection from friends and family citing non economical reason. Besides, I also wanted to buy an alarm clock because currently I only have one. The previous clocks have been either fell to spoil or not functioning already However, Mydin stuffs sometimes are unreliable. Luckily for me for had tried the alarm clock before purchase. It isn’t functionable too but out to be displayed and sold.
Next, I thought that was the end of the day. My friend wanted to go Jusco Cheras Selatan so I just followed. Again, it was time to spend. I bought a new mechanical pencil which costs RM 3.60. When I removed the tag, there was an old tag which printed RM 2.90. OMG… mechanical pencil also affected by the economic crisis?
When I reached home, it was very late about 7 pm ++. It was late as I haven’t started my study. Exam was about in coming few days and I was procrastinating my time. Haha.. but I do enjoy the pressureless day. Thanks! For my friends, I wrote I was kidnapped by my friend and paid ransom money of RM 60 was actually referring to the day and the total amount of money spent =P. I just never thought of having such a wonderful break!


Ying Jun said...

hei uncle fei, wat toy u bought??? haha...dare u blame ur fren for bringing u out...=)

Unknown said...

yaloh, wat toy you bought wor??

KwOnG FeI said...

to both of u, i haven open it yet so no pic yet. so not telling now.. haha

Anonymous said...

lol wat a title! XD

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