Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kedai Makan Pukat @ Kampung Pukat Fishing Village, Sandakan

This place is located on the road heading to Batu Sapi and outskirts of Sandakan town. It is actually a fishing aka seafood village. Thus, you can find cheap and fresh seafood here. 

On the left of the entrance pathway, you can see many ships parked at the jetty. 

Similar to any other fishing village in Sandakan town which is built of woods at the coastline, the hygiene condition is very poor. There is no proper sewage system and the residents here basically dump everything into the seawater including their daily waste I supposed. 

The entourage of Sandakan town having breakfast @ Kampung Pukat Fishing Village before starting their journey. 

Introducing to you, the Seafood noodles which costs around RM 4.00 to 4.50 only.

See San (top right) was our Tour Guide. 

After finished eating, we went into the village to look around and to take some photos. They do sell dry salted fish as well. 

You can find many fishing boats here and have in depth into the life of the fishermen. 

These girls were looking something on the ground of the houses here. Guess what they were looking at? Answer is on the bottom video clip.

It was the cute baby crab learning to move around!

Besides the seafood, this village also sells the raw keropok to be fried. That's the Keropok Lady, Wei Xin. 

Spotted a bunch of kids playing at the wooden pathway and decided to take a photo with them (right).

If you are unsure on the location of this place, spot for this King sized Prawn themed roundabout when you driving out of the Sandakan main town. When you see it, it means you reached already.

Kedai Makan Pukat,
Next to Bandar Nam Tung.

Operational hours: 7 am to 2 pm daily.

Closed on every Tuesday.

Tel: 089-616510


KizZ said...

Wow!That was really look delicious..yummy yummy

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SHE is older than HIM,anda rasa?

` Yi Han said...

Eh the seafood noodle is suprising quite cheap, the other places cost way more than that! :O

JIPP said...

I usually come here for a big seafood dinner with friends. Didn't know it is open during the day.

Car Loan Calculator said...

Woh....I love the Seafood noodles, look really nice and delicious....

Bengbeng said...

i like this post n the pics. thx for sharing

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