Thursday, December 16, 2010

BaLin Roofgarden @ NAK Hotel, Sandakan

I would say that this gathering was sort like introductory week for me to this group of friends. They all had known each other earlier as they reported to work earlier. This BaLin Roofgarden is located at 8th Floor of the NAK Hotel at Sandakan Town. Previously, I never thought such a peace city would have such place to drink. 

It's always fun and pleasurable when a group of friends sat down together, chit chatting, eating or drinking etc. I'm glad that I had such opportunity at this alien place of Sandakan. Thank God for shading me and provides joyfulness to me. 

Alright let me make a short introduction of my new friends:
  1. Top left: Ooi Chah Chah - It's hard to pronounce her name correctly initially. She's from Perlis and likes to eat. JK~~
  2. Top centre: Lim Bee Kuan - A straight forward talking person from Cheras.
  3. Top right: Thew Wei Xin - A Perakian who like to sing and live near to Penang.
  4. Bottom left: Phyllis Cheong - She loves shopping and is a local.
  5. Bottom centre: Grace Lim En Tze - Likes to eat cakes and is a local.
  6. Bottom right: Ooi Auyn Chi - She's from Kedah and claimed she was very naughty during her school times. 

A picture of the Ladies of the Night. Only 1 of them is occupied. Anyone wants to know them? Haha. 

Cheers for this new friendship!

We ordered a bucket of Corona Extra except for Gee Pang and Grace. Oops, I haven't make an introduction of GP. 

Well, Gee Pang is from Kajang where you can find the most famous satay in town. Despite that, you will hear numerous time that the quality is declining and tasted not as good as those days. Correct right?

Gee Pang was finding his casualty for 'True or Dare' game using the beer bottle. 

Next, GP had accidentally hit Auyn Chi shoes into a secluded hole. Then, started the 'Treasure Hunt' of her shoes between both of them while Phyllis kept an eye into them. Haha. 

A group photo not to be missed!

Actually, there are more attractive views from the roof top. However, since it was dark at night, we didn't go up plus I didn't know about the scenic view at the roof top. As stated, it is a roofgarden bistro hence you will find some plants or greeneries around. I did not take the picture of the environment here due to 'pai seh' ness and this new friends were a bit reluctant too. Guess I need to 'train' them on posing and being photogenic. The best I could get for the day was Phyllis and Grace with the bird cage located at the Ground Floor near the lift. 

If you happen to drop by, try going up to the roof top and enjoy the scenery on Sandakan town , the ocean etc. If I happen to drop by again, I will surely write about it again and provide you guys with the photos. 

For the Corona Beer, it was buy 5 free 1 promotion with damages per person about RM 15.

BaLin Roofgarden,
8th Floor, NAK Hotel,
Jalan Pelabuhan Lama,
90708 Sandakan, Sabah.

Business hours: 5 pm till late
Tel: 089-272988


thomas said...

nice place,i assume the roof garden is a cafe.

Anonymous said...

That is why you have to venture out. Once you venture out, you see things differently. If you never venture out, you only believe what people tell you. Now you venture out you know the truth.

JIPP said...

wah, you should hv tried the roof top. it is beautiful there. One of my fav chill-out spots in Sandakan.

Small Kucing said...

wah lau eh...the 1st few photos looks like selling botle drinks geh?

Happy holidays!

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