Monday, December 6, 2010

Akinabalu Youth Hostel @ Kota Kinabalu

This was me and my bulky luggage beg before departing from my house. I still can remember vividly the morning I had to leave far apart from my family due to the government 'stupid' posting. I told myself to be strong or otherwise my family members would be more reluctant in seeing me leaving away. I hold my tears and stay calmly and happy faces at all time. To be honest, it was really heart brokening saddening when you made your 'last words' to your family members especially your parents asking them to take care themselves, not to worry about yourself and taking care of their own health without your presence.

This time was a totally different scenario compared to the time I shifted out and stayed nearby my university. I am going to a totally new place that I never stepped on before, with zero friends count and  for uncertain period of time probably for 4 years. I don't even know the exact place of working and it might be probably a rural area. There are full of uncertainties and I have to face them alone. The fact was that I will not be able to see my family members that often, probably only ONCE a year. @.@

Alright, enough for the short introduction and say HELLO to the Land Below the Wind, Sabah. After reporting in at Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah (JKNS), Kota Kinabalu, I then headed to Akinabalu Youth Hostel located at Jalan Gaya, Kota Kinabalu. The taxi fares here are super expensive. A short journey of less than 4 km are fixed at RM 25 (starting price).  

Introducing to you the Gaya Street which houses numerous Budget Hotels along the street. 

Budget hotels here ranges as low as RM 15 to RM 80. One thing to note that almost all budget hotels here do not have lifts. They are situated in low multi storey building. Hence, if you come with a bulky/ large/ heavy luggage beg, I would suggest you to go to Mandarin Hotel which is located right at the corner of Gaya Street. I did not realised this initially that I need to carry my heavy luggage beg and climb the stairs. Silly me!

This is the private double bed with aircond room at RM 66 per night. This rate is inclusive of breakfast, complimentary coffee & tea, hot/cold showers and free internet access. Bear in mind that the aircond can only be turned on from 7 pm till 7 am daily.     

My bulky luggage beg was 'resting' on the bed. The whole bed is yours!

Basically, the windows are just for display. You wouldn't open it unless you want to expose your belongings to others. 

This is a very typical setting of a budget hotels with separated bathroom. The are two toilets (top right)  for making 'your own business' and two shower rooms (to shower of course at bottom right) as well as a basin for you to brush teeth. I would say the toilet wasn't really clean but it is not unusual for budget hotels. 

If you want to rent a towel, the fee is at RM 3 per piece but with an unreasonable deposit of RM 30. The deposit is refundable but I couldn't accept the fact that the deposit is more expensive than the actual price of the towel. Weird!

This is the pantry where you have to 'self service' to make your breakfast. Only breads with jems or butter. There are bread toaster, cups & plates for public use. You are required to wash the utilities used. Cooked water are available at all times. All are inclusive in the price you pay for the room. 

This is the view from the pantry where you can spot the historical and controversial Atkinson Tower. Why controversial? Do you recall the proposal to build a 16 storey hotel and a shopping complex nearby this area? Well, ask the KK folks.

This was my breakfast!

Overall, the experience here is OK la. If your neighbour is playing music, you probably can hear it. The mattress used is as usual not that very clean la. I would suggest if you were to look for a budget hotel, try the one with attached bathroom in the room but it is not available at Akinabalu Youth Hostel.

There is one large spacious living room at the reception floor. In this living room, there is cable TV networks where you can choose you desired channel but bear in mind that there are others sitting beside you too. Next to the living room is the dining table and the computer tables. If not mistaken, there are only 2 computers with free Internet access. You can surf net inside your room too provided you have a laptop!

There is no curfew hours here. The gate are closed at all times and can only be opened with password. So, remember the password. Anyhow, the reception is claimed to be 24 hours. The staff here are quite friendly. If you need directions assistance, cab services etc, you can always look for their staff.
That's all for now.

Akinabalu Youth Hostel,
1st-4th Floor,
No. 133, Jalan Gaya,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-272188


Ronaldmohoni said...

Penginapan yang sesuai jika ingin berjimat cermat.

Su YSW said...

hey, how long are you going to be in KK?

hotel kotakinabalu said...

Thats an interesting post. It was worth visiting your blog. Hope to visit again.

Anonymous said...

Last words...aiyoh ! ini maciam dalam kebumian...u o rite ke ? Kalau jadi doktor, ini lah akibatnya. Kena ditendang sini sana maciam football. tapi tak ape. ada lui, boleh u kat Sabah, datang Sarawak, pi Brunei, pi Kalimantan...sebelum kahwin balik rumah...lepas kahwin, ada anak sebanyak football team, no need to transfer again....maciam itu ! masih ada blog kawan le....don be so sad....:) smile !

Phyllis said...

hello bro, blog more on how happy ure in sdk, kay. hahaha! :DD esp. with me around for Christ's sake!! ;P

Albergue Da Juventude said...

wow I love this youth hostel, it's so accessible near town.

singapore hotel deals said...

interesting! although I have no expert, but I want have to know more and more, on your blog just interesting and useful information. Keep it up!

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