Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slurpeelicious Contest Photoshooting

This week is indeed a more relaxing week. Finally, all quizzes had been taken and now awaiting for the final exam. After a long time consideration, I finally made up my mind and started to call people for my modeling shots. Between, this contest was not my main photography session of which I will be taking the shots tomorrow with my pretty model. When I encountered this contest through my very own blog advertisement, my next question is 'Why don't give a try?'. The prizes are indeed attractive. However, that is not my main target. The primary objective is to take once a lifetime picture with my friends whereas the secondary is to aim for at least a prize so that we can share it together. Well, I am the director + photographer, so my share should be larger. Haha. I need to act in each scene play before my models follow. It's pretty hard! As a professional team, we do have make up session. Also, I basically try to use the objects surrounding as the prop for the shooting.
Model 1: Wilfred Chua No of shots taken: 18 Model 2: Guess who she is? No of shots taken: 24 Model 3: Guess who she is? No of shots taken: 54 shots Model 4: WITHDRAWN No. of shots taken: 15 shots Model 5: To be revealed soon No. of shots taken: 59 shots Model 6: To be revealed soon No. of shots taken: 6 shots After a tiring session, it is the time for MAMAK at BRJ with my favourite nasi lemak ayam goreng~ After the photo submission, there is a online voting process. Hope you guys can support my models. Once I got the link for voting, I will make a new post with their entry photos. Between, why don't you join as well? Do you need a lousy photographer? I am here for you~


kenwooi said...

all the best =)

Kennee said...

Wah... Nasi Lemak Ayam BRJ!!! Must be the Wangsa Maju one la...XD The BRJ near Cheras which is near my place, suxx la... Hope u win though... Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads oredi... ^^

KwOnG FeI said...

hey kennee u stay in cheras?
me too leh.. my hostel
haha it is from brj cheras leh..
due to time constraint they dun wan to go far to brj wangsa maju which is the bets in terms of environment and taste..haha
but still ok la here..
just dat first time i get my fried egg a little blackish at the edge if u can see the pic clearly..

yoon see said...

Good luck, great effort yeah!

Allison said...

haha.. really a lot of patience needed to take great shots! good luck

Dragon City said... many shot ah? hehe
Good Luck and all the best!!

Eric Lee said...

good luck and all the best...wish i had the time to join too...haha thanks for visiting my blog

KwOnG FeI said...

thanks yoon see, dragon city and eric lee..

@allison: yea.. it is very hard to get a nice shot. Through this, it gave exposure to me as a photographer and to my friends to lean what is shooting all about..
it took hours..

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