Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moon cake festival celebration

There wasn't celebration this year. The said bbq had to be called off due to the reason stated in previous post. However, Jun Jun came back home and played till the rest reached home late night. Arg.. it was difficult to take his photo. I need round and rounds of persuasion and patience then only able to do so. Between, he was getting naughtier and do a lot of poses nowadays.
Lantern brightened the night but the moon was not in sight. Wonder where it hides? This 'chu chai' biscuit is the favourite among children. It was my favourite too when I was young. As aging takes place, we shall eat the adult biscuits aka the moon cake. Haha. Nowadays, there are varities of flavours including cheese, green tea, tiramisu, chocolate and many more. The one above is 'mua chi' flavour. The pic was out of angle. No choice, need to snap fast as family members started to call me crazy for taking moon cake pictures. 'Aiyo, you never see moon cake before meh?'. I prefer these soft and sweet mini moon cake. Best eaten when refrigerated. And finally, a must to have is pomelo~ Till then~


Kennee said...

the mooncakes looks delicious~~~ Btw nanged you and clicked your ads... ^^

KwOnG FeI said...

thanks kennee .. done the same at ur blog~

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