Saturday, October 10, 2009

Project Alpha, uncovering Malaysia's top bloggers

Have you ever wondered yourself being featured in any TV show in your lifetime? Being an ordinary person, the dream may not ever come true. However, you as a great blogger may not need to wait any further. Project Alpha is the first of its kind that brings you a closer view of the life of Malaysia's top bloggers and how they are able to be among the top using their distinction. Brought to you by none other than our beloved Nuffnang, the first Asia Pacific Blog Advertising Community as official blog partner, there are also Ministry of Sound as official venue sponsor, Rimmel as official make up sponsor, Sunway as official location sponsor and Hitz.Fm as official media partner. Not to forgot, the main sponsor is ADIDAS. Cool brand, huh? In this first season, the 7 featured bloggers are from,,,,, and We all know that each of them are famous due to their very own way in projecting their ideas, views, opinions, thoughts and basically everything of which they are encountered with daily through their blog.
Watch this for clearer picture
So, how about you? If you think you are on par or even better than them, continue the good work! Who knows you will be selected and be featured in the next season of Project Alpha? Your uniqueness in delivering your contents through your very own blog will definitely capture the readers to read your site at all times. It is you which make your blog special. Starting from 18 September 2009, Project Alpha can be viewed through and daily for 7 weeks. The duration for each episode is approximately 3 minutes which will bring you a lot of undiscovered surprise from these featured bloggers. With that, it is hope that they can become the role model in stimulating your enthusiasm in blogging. Blogger rocks, yea! Oops, did I forgot to mention that the host for Project Alpha will be none other than Jojo Struys. It gives a good feeling when we know she is the host. She is a talented and pretty TV host, deejay, model and BLOGGER! So, do you understand well about Project Alpha? In short, ‘be unique and you will be featured in TV show viewable by people all over the world’. Yea.. I know your understand it well. I had done my job too! With that, I may be entitled to win fabulous prizes from our dear sponsors including: - Adidas A3/ Rimmel London/ Montagne Jeuneese Pack - Tickets to Pyramid Ice - Tickets to all Sunway Theme Parks - TGIF vouchers - Rimba/ Honeymoon vouchers - Sony Centre/ Honeymoon vouchers - Complimentary exclusive F&B from Sunway Hotels - Complimentary Pass to MOS Do you wish to grab one or even more of these? Write your entry for Project Alpha and send to here. Besides that, if you include Adidas Action 3 Deodorant in your entry either in picture or video, you may entitle to win an exclusive date with Jojo Struys to Chelsea, UK to watch an English Premier League game. Wait NO MORE!
Click to enlarge to see clearer picture. The Adidas Action 3 on action but a bit hidden in the picture.
Between, would you like to tweet on Project Alpha at twitter? Just put #projectalpha and it will appear on the live feed here. I’m going to give a try now. Good luck!


Tony Wan said...

Hahaha.... gonna try to post something in this weekend.... when i am free... LOL

Dragon City said...

Congrats man! You won!!

KwOnG FeI said...

OMG!! I never know i won.. or will win@@@ wonder so many messages congratulating me...
i was placed third in week 4 .. behind 2 blog posts which awarded the top video entries so far..
wow~ how if they did not include the videos.. haha..
thanks all my readers!

Blogger said...

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