Monday, June 8, 2009

Pulau Redang, 26-29 May 2009

A day after the successful Oath Taking cum Pharmacy Night 2009, a bunch of us went to Redang Island for vacation together with another bunch of Y1 juniors. We took Air Asia flight from KL to Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu.

I never knew that we need to walk to the plane through the outdoor pathway. This was my first time taking flight by Air Asia.

Then, Chui Wei's father drove a van to fetch 13 of us. (total 14 in the car) It was so funny that when someone (forgot who) asked to shout out numbers to check every1 was on the board, her father joined in to this kiddy 'game'. We stayed at Chui Wei's house for a night. We were served with the famous nasi dagang and kerepok lekor which were so 'yummy'.

In the next morning, we went to the tour agency office, had our breakfast before boarding a bus to the jetty located at Kuala Merang.

The journey took about 45 minutes from KT.

Masjid Kristal Kuala Terengganu We passed by this controversy mosque. FYI, sources claimed that the construction of this mosque was a waste of the taxpayer money. When I looked into the surrounding area, it seemed quite true as it is located within the kampung area. People claimed that it is more for tourism purpose than the prayer of which very less number of people perform the latter. When BN took back the government in Terengganu, all the money namely for the royalty of the oil which wasn't channelled to the previous state government was used to build up mega projects of which including the recently collapsed Sultan Mizan Stadium aged less than 1 year old.


Ladies (seniors)

Me and 3 ladies of which I was in charged of 'guarding' them.

Boarding the ferry to the Redang Island

Group photos



Redang Island First time been here. It is true.

Tomas and his gf Taken while waiting the time for lunch

My first time experience

Coincidently, we met with another bunch of friends who were here a day earlier than us. So, we took the golden oppurtunity to take photo with them.

After that, we had our lunch. Then, we cruise out from the land to somewhere over the sea for snorkelling. My first time experience as well and it was a great one. Saw many living creatures under the sea. It was hard to imagine the presence of such pretty landscape under the sea compared to the dirty yellowish river we usually see in KL.

After the snorkelling trip, it was the tea break time. Then, we proceed to the next activity which was BEACH VOLLEYBALL. The last time I played volleyball was perhaps during session organised by PK 2-3 years back. However, for this time, we were playing volleyball at different venue of which we won't feel pain should we fell down. Picture showing the guys 'setting' the ball while the girls in attempt to 'bounce' back.

Some facial expression. The centre pictures were the group pictures taken when I went to take back the ball thrown far from the court. Alright, it was my fault to hit the ball to hard.

MF joined us later on after some session of photographing. Thnaks so much to capture this sweet and sweat moment.

Mei Yin did not joined us for the game while some rested in the resort after 2 hours snorkelling session earlier. FYI, the volleyball costs RM 50. Don't worry. It was just the deposit money of which full return will be given when you return the ball.

Some of the picture taking session

You can see many ferries not far from the beach only at two times, one early in the morning and one in the evening when no more boats/ferries will be operating. After the volleyball session, it was our dinner time. We then took rest in the room before we were called to meet up for a wine drinkign session.

However, it turned to be a surprise birthday celebration for 5 babies including me, alvin, yen moi, chui wei and wei ling. Thnaks so much to all of them~ We were greeted with the cake and the birthday song singing at the Summer Point Bar.

Group photos

We then moved out from the place after knowing that own wine drinking will be charged RM 40. What kind of charges was that? At this secluded area but with ample space, it is indeed a good substitue. We can still her the live singing session from the bar and at the same time enjoyed our time here.

Group photos

After that, part of the group stayed to enjoy to the music while me and others went to tour around to Laguna and its surrounding to check out some chick... walk around only. Then, we gathered back at the same place and stayed till about 1 am to listen to the live music before going back


We started off the day with as usual a breakfast but it was an early as 7 am. Then, we headed to the Marine Park for the second snorkelling session. Here, I managed to spot 2 giant fish one on the north and one on the south of the place. So, you can imagine how far I snorkelled around that area. There were plenty of colourful and different varities of fish here compared to the spot yesterday. I actually met a friend here but I wasn't really confirmed at that time plus he was not wearing his specs that he can't recognise me too. I also managed to touch the star fish if not mistaken taken by one of the divers from deep on the bottom of the sea and managed to show to chui wei, boon jin and yen moi.

As usual, when reached back to the land, it was time for lunch. There was another snorkelling session purportedly to be the Turtle Bay at 2.30 pm. However, due to that many were not interested to join, we took the time allocated to rest in the resort. I heard that the plan to Turtle Bay was cancelled due to strong wave.

After the resting time, me and Tomas with his gf went for a canoeing/kayaking session. I never played this before and would like to try since the charges was only RM 1o per hour. After few minutes on the canoe, I seriously felt that I was expert and ready to go for a competition. It was easy to manoeuvre if there was only one person. For two persons, both need some time to communicate and learn to move together. good job to tomas and mei yin. We even race among us, looking to the beautiful landscape on the canoe, avoiding the divers under the sea who were spotted everywhere and joking around on the canoe. Too bad that Mei Yin did not allowed us to go further away as the waves were strong.

The girls on the other hand went for photographing session.

See how enjoyable they were jumping up in the sky.

The Y1 had a swimming session

Again, after our dinner, we checked some of our photos captured during snorkeling session. Each of the photo costs RM 5. The pic was taken at the shop with the beach boys.

Then, about 10 pm, we had another drinking session. We ordered a dozen Heineken which costs rm 108. After some dealing season with the boss, they agreed to exclude the wine charges only for us. We actually bought two bottle of wines. We chatted, laughed, drank beer & wine and dance till late night about 12 pm ++.

Day 3

Group photo

At the jetty

Me, alvin, tomas & mei yin already on the ferry when this pic was taken.

Taken in the double decker bus. This was the first time boarding on a double decker bus for most of us and it turned to be a bad experience. The air cond of the bus was functioning leaving us sweating for about 1-2 hours journey. We hardly took a nap as it was very dry and hot. MF then tried to identified the problem and asked the driver to adjust the fan from medium to high, Then, eventually the bus become so cold added with the raining that freeze us.

A special video clip prepared by MF. Thanks to him as well for the photos posted here. All photos were taken by him

Finally, I made my first step on the Redang Island and Terengganue. So, what's next? My upper arm on both side had sunburn that become so red especially after bath. Getting dark was not an issue for me as I actually intended to do so.


Borneo Falcon said...

Nice. A lot of leng luis tagging alone for this trip

Anonymous said...

dude.. 26-29 JUNE?
today's only 8 June!
you mean May izzit? Or you went to the future? lol

anyway, great pics! i was there in april too.. i love snorkeling! =D

KwOnG FeI said...

@borneo: quite many but mostly are not single..haha

@ken: walau..wat a big mistake~~thanx for informing.. yea love snorkeling~~ said...

you're welcome =)
i wish to go there again haha..

Raymond said...

the beach there seems a lot nicer than our beach here in Kuching.

YC said...

hey!i stayed in redang bay oso la,haha.u din take pic while u r in d plane?wat a waste...i took firefly,damn cool la d services,even better dan air asia,i know cz i took air asia b4.even d stewardesses r prettier dan air aisa's.i took 400++ pics during d trip,i uploaded it 2 facebook.some pics r sooo nice(accidental effects).cant wait 2 go 2 d beaches agn. =p

KwOnG FeI said...

har.. plane pic?
i have hundreds of it of mas, japan airlines & qantas..
air asia tak payah la

YC said...

tau la awak ni travel banyak...takyahlah show off...(but air asia memang no need to b remembered la,x worth it)tunggulah when its my turn 2 travel...hahaha...i will travel till i get bored n take pic till my hse bergunung wit all d pics... =p

Anonymous said...

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Dragon City said...

No update? Where you been missing? = )

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

KwOnG FeI said...

dragon city: hmm doing part time jobS.. it's quite tiring and hardly find time to blog..

indavao: thanks for dropping by..

Peytton said...

I like your blog. I also got a blog on pulau redang but not yet finished.

Anonymous said...

wow this is great post love pulau redang looks like you guys had a lot of fun must travel to
Pulau Redang

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