Friday, September 19, 2008

Mid Autumn BBQ night, Saturday, 13/9/2008

Well, it was another round of makan time. After afternoon McD, night time was BBQ to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. Due to tiredness in the afternoon, I slept till 7++ realizing there were so many missed calls. One of them was from Raj who prompted me about the bbq and 'die die' also must come to my house. But then the plan was cancelled after his return from somewhere and thus the others who also interested may not come due to no transport. It was 10 pm alrdy at that time, so cant make a U-turn back to Cheras.
For the first time in the history of years of doing bbq, my 3rd sister finally helped in the preparation! No joke, it was her first time. My second sis wasn't around as she needed to attend a bachelor's night of her fren. It was surprisingly@@~

L- My sis and her fren R- The guests R- My siblings R- My nephew, Jun Jun

Foods served My brother in law and his friends To be honest, I felt like i was the King of the Day. For the first time ever, I didn't bbq anything but just wait for the food to be served to me. Frankly, it was rather surprisingly. Both sis were so nice ONLY on that day. I just simply placed an order and the food will be delivered RIGHT in front to me. What a wonderful night. I wasn't bbq anyhting coz i thought those ppl will come, so I waited for them. At that late hours, I alrdy lazy to 'heat' myself over the fire. OMG! This kid has learned a new thing in his life which was to do posing while taking photos~ Previously, it was hard to capture even a single photo. Now, he has changed. For each photo i took for him, he would ask me to show his photo be4 changing to another pose even though i didn't ask him to do so. Pandainya buat posing~ L- Jun jun grandmother R- I was so pai seh, even Jun Jun gt fren to come along Can you see the difference btw these two kids? Of coz the gender is different la.. The little girl is a year younger than the naugthy boy. My sis even asked me what drugs can make him grow bigger... haha... thyroxine! bro in law's frens Then, this Jun Jun went to kacau this small gal who although elder and bigger size, she is more shy.. it was so tiring playing with him Another round of kacau'ing..wonder how he behaves when he grows up? has gf at 6? haha the round moon..yue liang yuan..on the eve of 15 August in Chinese calendar His cute lantern.. gt another one which has song.. those new generation kids are so hang fook! those days, we only played with the paper lantern~ Lighting of candles.. Now, we didn't put the candles on the gate.. simply becoz I dun want to paint the gate again!!! a scary job..

This weekend really make me becoming a fat man~ receive some 'compliment' on that. On the next day, I have another round of makan'ing celebrating the actual day. I brought back some mooncakes and some junk foods. Wonderful life JUST before the hectic assignments took place in continuous run. As for now, I am a free man...MERDEKA!~can focus on other things alrdy...looking for yum cha session...hehe :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, ur nephew is sooo cute...

KwOnG FeI said...

yea yea..
looking for any cute baby contests?
if got, let me know...

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