Sunday, September 14, 2008

Christine's Church Mid Autumn Celebration Night, Friday 12/9/2008

It was Christine's church which organised this Mid Autum Celebration. The event started at about 8 pm. It started with prayers. Then, we divided ourselves into 4 groups. As usual. it was the icre-breaking time in which we introduced our name, location and course we studied. Next, the first game begun. In this game, each of us is given a paper and a pen. The paper consists of 20 column (if nt mistaken) filled by word description of a person. Examples: did not bath yet, did not clean room for 2 weeks, had beer in a month ago, had blocked someone in MSN, can do push up for 5 times, can eat 7 packs of maggie mee in a day, have photo in their wallet and etc. Our duty is to find those with the stated descriptions and get their signature.
L- It seemed that I was too fast to finish the game and emerged as the champion. My rewards..RM 10..yea can pay back money to JY
R- After the 1st game, we had singing of song such as God, you are my strength and etc.
While singing, we clapped our hands according to the rhythm except me and MF till Christine can't concentrate her singing.
L- Then, we had another round of prayers. R- This is followed by experience sharing on how God had given strength to them. The first to share was Amanda. She's the one who entered into my room as stated in my previous post. At last, I know her name.
Every 1 was listening attentively to her speech.
Different views of the big circles formed
Then, the next person was Christina, the pharmacy graduates from UCSI-USM. She shared about her difficulty time during her previous exam namely Pharm Analysis 1.
L- Yap in yellow was the one who took all the photographs.
R- Jacob, the big bro
After that, Aloyscious (hope the spellng is correct) chaired the next event which is to group ourselves into 3 big groups.
So, we had to run towards the end of the hall to get a piece of paper stated our group's number. I got the most simplest which is 1 while some like CB got a long story and some got a long math equation to be solved in order to know the grouping.
Coincidently, me, chie chek, wan nah, vun, xiao you and CB were in the same group. Out team leader was Christina.
Then, the second game started. We have to make a lantern from the materials given. So, Wan Nah and Chie Chek suggested to make a fish shape lantern.
This was the group no. 2 which Wei Yau was the member.
Working in progress
Hmm, pity Group 3 (Meng Fai) in which the photographer, ah Yap didn't take any photos of the group.
R- At least we had MF pics.. dats his hand
Group 2 almost finished their lantern while the rests were battling against time.
L- Group 2
R- Group 3 - The lantern looked as big as.....It is made in ball shape and was the most durable.
The winning group, Group 2. By appearance and creativity, we had won the rests. Only on durability, slightly less than other groups. The representative from each group was then asked to light the candle and walked at the streets with their own lantern for some distance. haha...means every1 is looking at u..MF, good job!!
Next event was story telling on how this Mid Autumn Festival begins. We had Christine as the Chinese speaker while this gal as the English translator.
So, Yap was away with the street walkers teams. My camera is handed back to me. It was camera time!~ The coordiantors then asked for 10 volunteers as the Suns, one Prince, one Princess, one devil and one Emperor.
So, whats the story behind this festival. It is believed in those days, there are 10 suns that causes drought. So, this archer (Kalai) shoots down all the suns except her.
This archer has a wife, Lee Yen.
Due to the archer contribution, the Emperor (pang) 'mengurniakan' a longevity pill to the archer.
The archer then gives the pill to her wife. They are reminded not to eat the pill for it will cause some disaster. The devil then try to steal the pill from the wife. In the fight with the devil, the wife swallows the pill (Ferrero Rocher). Then, she started to get lighter and lighter and then fly up to the sky reaching the moon. That was the first story. The second story which was more relevant was about the China and Mongols. The message to the rebels stating 'Attack the Mongols on the 15th day of August' was inserted into mooncakes. The Chinese succeded in the war and formed Ming dynasty. In commemorating the victory, the day was remembered and celebrtaed each years. After the stories, we had a quiz on it and some Chinese riddles.. The quiz started and after the last question, there was a tie btw Group 1 and Group 3. A tie breaker question was given and finally, Group 1 succesully emerged as the Champion for the game. The group was given RM 100 McD vouchers.
Next, was the announcement of winner for the lantern making competition by Jacob. Group 1 was the clear winner among the rests but since we had won the pop quiz earlier, the winner was given to Group 2.
L- Group no. 1 and their masterpiece.
R- After that, the event has officially ended. Next, was the makan time.
We were having picnic on the floor as the seats at the dining area were fully occupied. Foods including hotdogs, nuggets, sandwiches, french fries, mooncakes, chipsmore, drinks, jasmine tea and etc.
Wonder why no descriptions? Well, I am tired already. In addition, there are few events i haven blog yet. Furthermore, I haven do somethings which I supposed to do.
That's all. Tata.


Christina Kam said...

Thanks for the pics...:P

KwOnG FeI said...

good luck in your coming government service!!

Anonymous said...

KWONGFEI!!!..send to me the pics on MSN!!..all the tak guna one also i want..juz send everything u take take take on dat night..THANX!!..anyways..nice meeting u again last Friday..haha..u are the same as always..ohyea..i also want the McD pictures if you have them :D

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