Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dragon City Restaurant @ 新龍城廣西釀豆腐小菜館 - Official opening

A new restaurant had just opened in town at Sri Rampai Business Centre! Proudly announce to you, the Dragon City Restaurant aka 新龍城廣西釀豆腐小菜館.

8th of April was the official opening day of this restaurant. As can seen from the banner, it is originates from the Kampung Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

So, lets have a brief introduction of the owners.

Alright, this girl is my sister. She is currently working as a course coordinator in a private university of which she will be expected to officially resigned from this current job by end of April. We have been talking on opening business for a long time but never expect that the opportunity arrived in a very short time. She loves cooking and baking very much. For baking, though most of the time it seemed not to be very ideal outcome, she continued to try and try until she achieved the satisfaction she desired. As for cooking, she loves to cook when she has free time at home usually at weekends or when my mum was too tired to cook after working. She loves to buy recipe books and try out the recommended recipe. The outcomes are good  and presentable. She will be in charged on all aspects of this restaurant except the kitchen.   

This is Chef Tong who is my 'biu kor' or cousin. He has been working as chef for many years. Previously, he was the chef and co-owner of Restaurant Makanan Laut Loong Sing at Kampung Bukit Tinggi. Hence, the name of this new restaurant was derived from the previous restaurant name. He cooks varieties of food. You can find special menu in this restaurant which is not common in other restaurant in KL. If you ask him what are his signature food, he will tell you everything listed in the menu.   

This temporary cashier is also my sister. She will be in charged of the restaurant during the day time before my elder sister (owner) take over at night after returning form her work. She is a freelance graphic designer. The restaurant's logo, menu book, name card, receipt book and all other designing job were done by her. 

These were the congratulation flowers stand sent by afternoon. There were more by the night time and those who sent flower baskets were displayed at the inside of the restaurant.

When there is a new restaurant, there will be surely a dinner function inviting all friends, relatives, business affiliates and so on. As for here, the buffet dinner started at 6 pm and ended much earlier than expected because the number of people attending was way from expected. 

The 'tau fu pok' aka beancurd and the fried 'fu chok' were the extra dishes prepared by the Chef. I was helping out to prepare the 'tau fu pok' early in the afternoon. 

These buffet items were from catering service.

The foods were running out fast till the Chef resort to cook extra dishes such as pork ribs. The tables available were not enough to cater the number of crowds too but was still manageable. I must say that there seemed to be whole villagers from Kampung Bukit Tinggi who travelled down to KL to attend this function. Actually, Setapak and Gombak are the nearest town at the exit of Karak Highway and the distance measured by time is about 30-45 minutes on average speed of 90 km/hr.

I too invited my friends to attend the function. The group was smaller as another group went for a birthday celebration for my another friend.

The lovely couple, Siew Hoon and Kuan Poh with the increasingly naughty, Jun Jun!

One more!

Siew Hoon, Yen Moi and Chui Wei with Jun Jun~

I found out that both Jun Jun and Ah Mei have the same hair cut. LOLX.


Chie Chek

I was tortured by my own friends to serve them drinks.

Siew Hoon and Kuan Poh.

Me and Chie Chek

Yen Moi and Chui Wei

There was another group of friend from UTAR which happened to be Siew Hoon's friends. Among them, I only know Pei Chin who was located at most right of the picture.

These were the UCSI University friends of Kwong Fei which as written on the flower basket they brought on that day.

To all my dear friends, thanks for coming!

If you wonder why there was no pictures on the crowd, erm.. this was due to pai seh'ness. About 90% of the crowd was the familiar faces and thus I don't dare to take the pictures. Unbelievable right? Haha. For the restaurant's signboard picture, I took it at another day because there were familiar faces about 3 table of peoples sitting right in front of the signboard on that night.

With the official opening of this restaurant, it marked a significant changes to my whole family. My family who usually spent time at night watching Astro Wah Lai Toi now spent most of their time till late night at this restaurant. My dad was the one who helped out a lot in terms of buying  stuff, accommodation of the staff, technical parts of restaurant and so on.

As for myself, I was involved with some business talks with my sister prior to the opening of this restaurant. I couldn't read Mandarin so I was not in helping in writing the food orders. Instead, I was helping out in cleaning the tables, pouring the rice, preparing the drinks, cashier and etc. It was indeed a brand new experience. I have been seeing other people doing such job for years but never before I will imagine I am doing all these now. 

As for the number of customers, it was unexpectedly GREAT! Though the advertising magazine is yet to be published, the number of customers are actually sustainably good. We really did not expect that. We are in the process in hiring additional staff and chef. The current kitchen was solely handled by my cousin alone with some supportive kitchen's staff.

If you stay nearby, do come and dine in here. Some come from far when they know the Chef from  Restoran Loong Sing has shifted here.  The environment here is sort of fusion between the Chinese and modern cafe. This was because the previous setting of this premise was actually a modern cafe and hence some of the items like tables and chairs as well as some decoration remained the same.

I will be writing on food review when I received the pictures from my sister. That's all for now~


Dragon City Restaurant,
No. 18, Jalan Rampai Niaga 3,
Medan Niaga Rampai,
53300 Setapak Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-3180399 (I chose this number with my sis together =P)


dragoncity said...

OMG! The restaurant name same as my BLOG!! . Can I get discount if I go there for dining? = p

ohmywtf said...

lol...initially i tot its another restaurant from Dragon-I....wish u all the best in ur new venture!

SpicyMother said...

Congrats to the restaurant's opening. I think it will be a success.

Nadeem1414 said... it will be a great restaurant in the world.

Nikel Khor said... shop grand opening d gud..muz go muz go

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

ai wei said...

congratulation on the new opening of ur family's restaurant :)

will give a try ~

KwOnG FeI said...

@dragoncity: haha.. i also forgot ur blog name same with it.. it means u should have go and eat at your own restaurant.. haha.. discount? erm erm .. boss said nt for now first wor..

@ohmywtf: thanks but its my sis's restaurant..nt mine

@Spciymother: thanks for the wish~

@Nikel: do drop by and try it out~

@ai wei: thanks~~ wa.. famous food blogger go wor.. mai very give face..hahah... you may spot me in weekend sometimes..haha...but not during the exam period now..sob~

Scho said... many shares you got in it ? What special dishes on offer ? You look so professional in your photo.

kRaZy said...

congratz on the opening! ^^

ai wei said...

lol, u should belanja makan!!! kakaka

Anonymous said...

congrats... the fish jelly thing looks cute.. :D

KwOnG FeI said...

@Scho: you gotta be kidding me.. will be writing on the specila dishes after my exam

@Krazy: thanks~

@ai wei: i am so pooor..

@Shirleen: haha..

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