Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. Nala Farewell Party

Dr. Nalamolu Koteswara Rao teaches Pharmacology in UCSI University. He holds a PhD (Biotechnology), M Pharm (Pharmacology) and B Pharm from India. He entered into the university when I was in Year 1. The first subject that he taught us was Basic Pharmacology & Immunology. Initially, we had difficulty in understanding his slang but gradually it becomes a non issue. He tried to make his class session as fun as possible by putting animations as pharmacology is really a boring subject. Besides that, he also try to compress the lecture notes as there are really many things to be memorised. A drug can have a lot of adverse effects and many drugs are having very similar adverse effects. This really make us headache! However, thanks to Dr. Nala (Dr Thet called him Dr Rao), everything was made simple through his guidance. His famous word is 'nothing but'. You can ask him for help in anything 'nothing but' be it in studies or personal issues. I do consulted him before and he showed high level of interest, concern and care for his students. If you are looking for any journal which requires subscription, you can ask him for help and he will be very happy to help you.
We love him very much. We were so touched when he told us that he wanted to teach us till we completed all the pharmacology classes despite there was initial call to leave the SOP a year earlier. Our ties with him basically is uncomparable compared to my fellow juniors. He never scolded us in the class and he treated each of us nicely. Also, he took a very short time to remember all of our name (I guess just for 1 semester). This can be never happened compared to other lecturers who don't recall our names despite teaching us for years. Generally, it is a good feeling when your lecturers do remember your name compared to the usual nickname 'boy, girl, hey you, student'. In this farewell video, the pictures included are those taken before study break and few pictures taken years back. At the right bottom, you can see a few pictures of him enjoying his vacations and were taken from his Facebook. Dr Nala is a very sporting person and he loves traveling so much. In just about 3 years in Malaysia, he had traveled to a lot of places in Malaysia and not just KL. That's the usual happy face he portrayed in the class. Also, he has one funny gesture that we will always remember which is clasping his both hands and shaking his head. He was no doubt a funny person. Listen attentively while Dr. Nala was giving his speech. He is very understanding person. When we feel sleepy during the class, he will call for a break or when we were tired after a quiz or test, he will make things simpler and even postpone to another day. Dr. Nala is very concern on our performances. He can memorised some of our results and the mistakes we had done in the exam. Before exam, he will give us the tutorials to familiarize us with the exam format. I can say he is very different from other lecturers who simply make a level difficulty 3 questions that only they know what is the answer and always ask the students to think out of the box when they didn't write the questions clearly. In contrast, he will give a very similar type of questions so that we know what are the expectations during the exam. We gave him a big farewell card with our message written inside and also a photo frame with our class photos with him. Jivanraj who is the upcoming class rep was the emcee for the farewell party. Outgoing class rep, Shin Ying represented us to give our token of appreciation to Dr. Nala. Ivan joined and gave his personal gift to Dr. Nala. Besides the two cakes, our meal consists of pizza. Yeah... hot baken pizza from Pizza Hut. However, due to budget constraint, we only can eat 1 piece of the pizza. There are only 54 pieces from 9 pizzas ordered. Dr Nala was chatting while eating with the students. (Christine, Mahmood, Wilfred & Suk Yen) He will answer basically every question you throw to him from the personal till the working issues. Spotted here are Boon Jin, Chui Wei, Wei Ling, Ah Mei, Yen Yie and Wei Kiat. I think Ah Mei is the one who steal my gf and took the initial pictures. This stealer is now honeymoon'ing in Taiwan. So nice! Ah Mei, Wei Ling, Boon Jin and Chui Wei~ Hui Hoon, Pink Khee, Chu Wun, Yee San and Wei Jie~ Xiao You, See Bee and Joanne ~ Cindy, what are you doing behind? Siew Hoon, Shin Ying aka 1 Jie, Poh Chin, Yen Yie and Cindy~ Belinda, Melissa, Sue Zin and Suk Yen aka Dr. YeonG~ Dickson, Michael, Kuan Poh, Wei Kiat, Raj, Lim, Me and Chie Chek aka cicak~ Joining in is Vun aka the organiser for the party incharging for meals and Jivanraj~ more please~~ Christine, the sweet girl~ The girls.. oops got Mahmood inside... Argh the girls team comprises Siew Hoon, Yee San, Wei Jie, Shin Ying and Yen Yie~ Shaking farewell hands with Dr. Nala. Though we are sad Dr. Nala is leaving us, we were happy that we received his teaching throughout these few years.
The guys.. why no me? I am taking this photo la..
Closer view of this bunch of handsome guys.. no wonder I am not entitled to join in~
Smile girls~~~
Wei Kiat had a long winded chatting session with Dr. Nala until I need to show the T break time to Wei Kiat to cut short. Still, he continued and ignored us who are waiting to take a picture with Dr. Nala. is the picture of the guys. Mahmmod, Jivan blocked your face~
Don't you ever challenge the girls! These are the dangerous girls to be avoided.. First, they give u a warning through their index finger, next they will give u a punch!
Smile every 1~
Wei Jie acting on a ghost scene. The girls broke the window and placed their heads on the surface. Haha.. jk.. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Dr. Nala all the best in his future undertakings. He will be taking a short break of few months 'holidaying' with his family before stepping into the Taylors University College, School of Medicine. And with his departure, there are only left not much but only 1 lecturer who is good and concern with the studies of the students. The bad news is that that lecturer will be off soon too. Those good lecturers who left earlier are Ms. Shruti, Mr. Jony and Dr. Thet Thet Thar. Finally, but not least, the group photos~
Photobucket The girls~ Photobucket The cute babies~~ Photobucket Till we meet again!! Dr. Nala had promised to attend our graduation day!


Jessen said...

I'll very happy if I have a bunch of students who like me so much. :)

Syafiq said...

Wow.. He sounds like a good lecturer. (:

Esther said...

good lecturers will be missed... :) i had one pathology lecturer who left when i was in sem 3.. we were sad but we had fun with him all the time...

so you taking medicine in ucsi? how's the course structure like?

KwOnG FeI said...

@Jessen: R u a lecturer? I believe every can do it as long as the lecturer put the students as their priority

@syafiq: yup... he is really a good lecturer..

@esther: yup.. if the farewell is for another lecturer whom we hate so much, i dun think there is even a party.. haha..

nop, i'm taking pharmacy~

iriene said...

Great Lecturer, will be treasured forever. All the best in your Exam...
Btw, Congrats on winning 3rd prize for Alpha Project :)

KwOnG FeI said...

thanks iriene~~

Esther said...

lolz, for a lecturer you don't like?! hahaha, that's the first i've heard. i see... =)

KwOnG FeI said...

har.. what u mean?
dun get you

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