Monday, April 6, 2009

My first bloggers gathering at Pavillion on Earth Day

Let's begin with how I was here at this gathering. Initially, I was so pity of Jackie who wanted to attend the event but do not have transportation and was talking how to unload his drawing boards/instruments after his class. Coincidentally, I also had a Saturday class and was planning to head back to my house after 2 weeks of 'no return'. So, I agreed to him that I will drive him back before he heading towards Pavillion. After few conversations, he then asked me to join the gathering to meet the Nuffnangers. After deep consideration, I found that that Saturday was the only free time that I had for the subsequent whole semester. I had checked my calendar and pretty surprise that I had a free day too. So, since I had never joined such event before and the fact that from Cheras to Pavillion to home was just a straight journey, I finally agreed to participate. I even managed to ask Vun to join and initially we were a bit doubt as we were new bloggers who was not known to anyone. So, after the farewell party for my beloved lecturer, Dr. Thet Thet Thar who was leaving to Monash University, I drove to Bukit Bintang and parked my car at one secluded area recommended by Dickson with flat rate of RM 3/day.
The gathering was proposed to be at 2 pm. However, it was impossible that every1 will arrive at the specified time as predicted. Me, Jackie & Vun arrived at about 2.30 pm as Jackie had class earlier in the morning. These people were the early birds to arrive.
Left to right: Bernard, Zhao and Gary Chooi Wai ken Zhao was the organiser for this event. By the time we reached, we chatted for a while before heading down to food court for lunch. But, before that, of course there will be 'non stop' photo shooting session. At this point of time, I was yet to know them. Alright, kau tim. Here we went off. Taken on the way and at the escalator. Big feast gathering. It should be about 13 bloggers here before klcv (ken) came and joined us making the number to 14. Amboi.. gembiranya.. Zhao, alex, me, vun, jeffrey, gregorule, suresh, diese, angelkein, klcv (ken), kaichi, bernard, jackie
After the lunch, we went up to starbucks and coffeebean in search for a place that can accommodate 14 of us. We were like refugees by going one after another palace. Oh yeah.. at this point of time.. Suresh had arrived. Not really know him but chatted before too. All of the place were full and we were left stranded at the corridors where we took few more photos.
Shoes? I think this pic nicer if we show whose leg is the fairest or smoothest. Haha This pic was taken using Zhao camera which I was being informed to costs RM 6K ++. wow~
Since no where to go, we hang around at the entrance. Aiks.. when some of them sat on the stairs, we get chased by the security who disallowed the sitting and asked us to go out from the mall. Haha. We then went further down to the F1 exhibition to avoid the security and in search for place where we can chat with each other.
Ken, Angelkein, Jess, Greg, Zhao Then, Jess (Benjicajess) arrived and started to hug her known fellow friends. Her arrival made the complete list of 15 bloggers gathering. Candid pic while waiting about 5-6 DSLR camera ready to shoot us.
The next thing was quite embarrassing but it is a norm for a blogger cum photographer. We went to the receptionist area and asked permission to put our camera on the desk and auto-timing to take a pic. Initially, I thought only 1 camera was going to be on shooting. Mana tau.. all of them joined as well. So, it took about 10-15 minutes to adjust, test shoot and get every1 into their position. The lady receptionist was a bit stunned to see our acts and was standing all the while thinking what should she do? If she ever say 'let me help u to take the photo', it will be checkmate for here to carry those gigantic and heavy camera one after another. Haha.. I think we had shocked her to speechless.
Smile everyone.. Another shooting from different camera. one more before dismissing..
Overall, it was a nice gathering but can be improved should we were able to sit down together and have a proper introduction between us or at least there was some activities such as ice breaking games. Nice to meet you all. We will get to know each others better through Nuffnang and INNIT spambox as labeled by Bernard.
After that, some made an early leave while another group went for another session of yum cha at Dome. So, 5 of us went for a movie suggested by me as I had never watch movie in Pavillion before. Bernard suggested us to watch Knowing which I think we hardly get what he said initially and misunderstood as 'no wing'. KaiChi did not join us as he had promised his mum not to went out till late night. Goodboy! After purchasing the ticket, we went to Mercato to buy mineral waters and hang around at the food court while waiting the time passed. We actually spent the time to chat and knew this new friend. Since he was the youngest among us after me, we 'ordered' him to 'grab' any1 passing by the walkway in front of us to help us take a photo. Too bad pretty girl were not being attracted to..haha~
Knowing is a great movie and highly recommended for all of you. At the early scene, a girl named Lucinda was seen to have the ability to predict the future from the way the filming and camera focused on her eye. My early thought that it would be another story of a person predicting the future and then probably save others from disaster or death was correct. However, I had never known that the story line was made so superb that thrilled me as well as many shocking scenes that opened my eyes BIG. And the difference was that it was not the girl who try to save the people but another person 50 years later (2009) after finding out the deadly secret from series of numbers.
Lucinda was asked to draw her prediction of the future (50 years later) together with her fellow classmates. While most of them were drawing, she was instead wrote a series of numbers in a piece of paper given to her. She was about to finish writing all the numbers but was taken away by her teacher. All those drawings were buried in a time capsule which was to be opened 50 years later from the year 1959. Celeb, the son of Professor John was so unfortunate to have receive the piece of numbers and started to hear creeping whispering and seeing sinister figures in black trench coats. The paper was found by his father who accidentally found that the codes resembles the date and number of deaths from accidents occurred worldwide in the period of 50 years.
It was so hard to believe that the codes resembling the actual accidents that had taken place and would going to take place. Professor John tried to convince his colleague who didn't trust him at all. When he was able to know the correct date and location of accidents that would take place, he went to the scene and tried to save the people. However, such accidents and deaths were unavoidable that he cracked his head to prevent any disaster that will going to happen on him, his son and his family. There were a lot of scenes that seems to be very real such as this airplane crash, the railway crash and many more. Watch this movie to know how the whole Earth was burned down leaving no creatures alive. The ending of the story was sort of like Adam and the Eve where his son was chosen with another small girl to start a new world at new place I supposed.
After the movie which was about to reach 8, we went to Jalan Alor to have our dinner. We spotted the KL tower and took its photo before the shutdown for later Earth Hours. The picture next to it was actually not taken during the Earth Hours but just some different mode shooting using my digital camera. Haha.. We didn't manage to take the photo at that hour as we were busy earth houring with our dinner.
There are too many restaurants and stalls to be chosen. And packed with many people too. So, we randomly chose Sai Woo Restaurant which is sort of the typical Chinese fast food restaurant. And it was the time for us to take photo after being dominated by the bigger DSLR earlier in the day. Haha.. The two pictures at the bottom were my meal. I ordered a dried mee which comes together with the quite big portion of meats in a soup. Appetizer fried mushroom with salads which costs RM 10 for this small amount
We chatted on every single thing and most importantly how to do well in Nuffnang. Haha. We spent the night till about 10 pm which was unbelievably long for new known friends for just hours. The day was superb with a tiring starting of lecture at 8 am, sad and tearful party at 11 am, refugee type gathering at 2.30 pm, watching Knowing at 5.45 pm, dinnering at Jalan Alor at 8 pm, Earth Houring with chatting until we forgot the time and finally reaching home at about 10.50 pm. (need to fetch Bernard & Jackie) For Vun, I considered I belanja you already for the help last time. Photos credits to: Jackie, Zhao, cwKen, Jeffrey


bbrian017 said...

This is awesome Kwong! Are the majority of your friends all bloggers? It's cool to see bloggers unite like this!

TheJessicat said...

woo hoo! =) sorry for being late!!

*hugs ahfei*


Unknown said...

eh, not fair lah. this dont count lah. when u say u wanna belanja, shud tell earlier b4 i order the food mah

KwOnG FeI said...

brian: not majority.. but some and fews are influenced by me to join the blogosphere..

jessica: it have never too late for being late than didn't appear at all..haha..nice to meet you..

vun: haha~

renaye said...

i think i was busy eating at pudu area on that day!

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