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Tahniah kerana berjaya mempertahankan kemenangan rakyat! Raja dijunjung ketuanan rakyat diperjuangkan!!

This is my post mortem report for the tri-election on 7 April 2009. Three by election were hold simultaneously namely Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai. PR won 2 Bukits while BN won 1 Batang. PAS ex MB Nizar won Bukit Gantang, PKR S. Manikumar won Bukit Selambau and BN Malcom Mussem Lamoh won Batang Ai. Bukit Selambau (N25) History This seat was won by independent candidate V. Arumu¬gam in the 12th general election who later joined PKR and was appointed state executive councillor. He vacated the seat on Feb 8 after claiming to receive continuous threat on his marriage scandal. No one know where he is currently except DSAI and is believed to reside in India. Total registered voters 35,140 By election N25 has created a history in which it has the most number of candidates. 13 independent candidates were competing against Barisan Nasional’s S. Ganesan and PKR’s S. Manikumar ( a newcomer). The initial number was 15 but some had pulled out at the last minute citing reason for confidence in UMNO Election recently. The independent candidates were former Kedah PPP Wanita Chief L. Sarala, insurance manager T. Chandrarajan, businessman R. Loganathan, Arumugam’s special assistant S. Moganakumar, management consultant A. Jayagopal, businessman Venason Michael, businessman Tan Hock Huat, former army personnel Mohd Fazil Abdul Wahab, former army personnel Major (rtd) Anuar Abdul Hamid, quarry operator Husaini Yaacob, contractor Abdul Rahim Abu, town planner Khamis Awang and businessman Radzi Md Lazim. Results Majority 2403 votes, PKR 12632 votes, BN 10229 votes and independents 1326 votes.
Post mortem report This is the most uncertain by election in which 13 candidates are fighting for this seat. This constituency are resided by majority Malays followed by Indians then Chinese and others.
For the Malays, the votes are split into BN and PKR in which most of them seemed to favour BN after the change of leadership in UMNO. Penang and Kedah are quite related in terms of showing support to Tun Mahathir and DS Najib and against the weaker Tun Abdullah. During the campaigning period, Tun Mahathir is involved in the BN machinery. At such, those who quitted the party along with Tun Mahathir rejoined UMNO and many are very pleasant with the presence of the ex premier. It does affect some increase in votes from the Malays who still remembered the glory brought by Tun Mahathir during his premiership. However, the timing is wrong. The comeback of Tun Mahathir is a bit late due to the UMNO election. At such, many of them had disappointment in the UMNO and had not resolved their anger yet.
For the Indians, it was quite obvious that HINDRAF had made a significant influence in the unusual triumph of PR in the 4 states (Kelantan is always the stronghold of not PAS but Tok Guru Nik Aziz). Many Indians are still disappointed on how they are left behind in the country development for more than 50 years, Worse still, the HINDRAF leaders was detained under ISA which provoke their anger. Although many know that HINDRAF demands are illogical and make no sense, one thing for sure is that they speak the truth and they speak for the rights of every Indians in the country. At such, you may observe that the previous assemblyman was appointed to the state exco and the appointment Speaker of Perak State House of which both are the very first in history. It is considered the success of the HINDRAF as well as the Indians as overall. The Indians may felt that PR seems unstable but one thing for sure there seem to be hope in supporting PR than MIC which is waiting time to self destruct among their own members.In addition, the state government is now headed by PR in which the Indians pledges will be taken into more consideration in state government policy. For the Chinese, it is 50-50 among them. Many supported the agenda of ‘ketuanan rakyat’ brought about by DSAI while another half prefer to be stick to the old hat. Some Chinese are still angered as being called ‘pendatang’ and again the ISA detention of the newsreporter. Bukit Gantang (P59) History The Bukit Gantang seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent Roslan Shaharom of PAS on Feb 9. Total registered voters Malays make up 63.5% of the 55,562 voters in Bukit Gantang, Chinese (27.1% ), Indians (9.1%) and others (0.2%). By election It was a three-cornered fight between Barisan Nasional’s Ismail Saffian, 49, former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, 52, of PAS and independent Kamarul Ramizu Idris, 42. Ismail is a local while Nizar who is a registered voter in Pasir Panjang where he is also its state assemblyman. Kamarul is from Taiping. Results Perak MB Nizar (PAS) won with a 2,789 majority. PAS 21,860 votes, BN 19,071 votes and independent 62 votes. Post mortem report This is another most observed election as is the fight between ‘mempertahankan ketuanan rakyat’ and ‘mohon restu rakyat’. PR called for the maintaining the winning of the seat and to prove that the people power can overcome the claimed ‘gila kuasa’ BN. Meanwhile, BN pledges for support to ‘illegally take over the state government from PAS’. Everyone know that the takeover is not done according to law but it seems to be ‘usaha terdesak BN’ who deny for fresh elections in the state. For many, this result gives a strong indicator that the people are still showing support for PR led government and strongly against the abrupt cessation of power from BN. Just few days ago, the court has allowed YB Nizar to challenge the legitimacy of the current MB Zambry from UMNO. It is definitely a booster win for Pas and MB Nizar in continuing pursue the laws against the current state government. As for me, be a gentleman and do fresh elections to see which government that the Rakyat wanted. It is very stupid move to take over the government with uncertainties and unstable. The 2 independents are still in court cases and anything may fall anytime although many predicted due to some ‘reasons’, they will be safe. The Chinese and Indians are still showing support for PR while the Malay votes may swing to BN as they are now the head of government. The Chinese are very angry on the land issues in which they no longer can be given permanent land title but temporary lease of only 25 years under the BN only Malay dominated government. Hey, the excos for the Chinese and Indian are still unclear whether it is legal or not. Batang Ai (N29) History The Batang Ai constituency located near the Sarawak-Kalimantan border was vacant following the death of assemblyman Datuk Dublin Unting on Feb 24. Total registered voters 8,006 of which about 95% are Ibans. By election Straight fight between Barisan Nasional newcomer Malcom Mussem Lamoh, 49 against former five-term Lubok Antu MP Jawah Gerang, 55. Results BN won with 1,854 majority. BN 3,907 and PKR 2,053. Post mortem report This is a controversial by election in which some of the ballots of which claimed to be majority of PR stronghold places are not counted on the spot but were transferred to another ballots collection centre. The PR would like to test their influence in Sarawak to set their strategy for the state election soon. Although the PR candidate is a very experienced assemblyman, he however lost to the newcomer of BN. Many claimed that the people would prefer to stick to the old hat and do no opt for changes. Afterall, they are promised with the construction of the telco station and others. Besides, it is claimed that the people are not really ‘exposed’ and would like to play safe. However, congratulation for BN to win the seat. Conclusion Congratulations to the power of the rakyat in maintaining the people’s win, rights and dignity. PR is not having chaos as claimed by BN. The visitation of Tun Mahathir to the two Bukits with retained win to PR has nothing to do with the fall of BN. His timing is not right and things may be slightly different should he able to ‘turun padang’ earlier. Another signal from the wins is that the people are not supporting to the drastic government takeover from BN. In another point of view, the hate towards BN is still there. Whether the change in leadership to DS Najib will retain back the support is still unclear. Times will tell. DS Najib needed to clear a long list of allegations against him which are unanswered. Otherwise, the people will continue to support PR.


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