Sunday, February 10, 2008

PRP lab-Smoking

Nvr taught of smoking with licence granted for us... we had no choice but for the sake of the experiment we need to sacrrifice our health.. accordingly, a cigaratte can shorten ur life by 7 seconds (citation needed).
Initially, Mahmood brought a imported cigaratte for us (me, michael and wilfred). It is a very mild type in which i couldn't feel any effect to my body upon puffing. Later, both of us decided to change to Dunhill strong for the sake of the EXPERIMENT. So, Michael went out to buy at fuk sing. Not to forget, I actually dress in a casual wear since I am goin to smoke but Michael suggested that we should we our lab coat..more cool.. haha..
I am not supposed to have smoke. I just 90 % recover for 3 weeks dry cough..pre-syndrome be4 CNY plus i myself hate cigaratte smoke and really cant tahan.. Due to inavailability of a substitute, I had no choice but to sacrifice for the sake of EXPERIMENT.

The very first puff..make me cough for few seconds.. as I do not puff correctly...according to the Master. Well, i not considered dat bad... wilfred vomitted for the very first few puffs.. it is true dat he did vomit out.. i hav the video wit me.. hehe
As I puff the initial Mahmood's cigaratte, the feeling was jus nice but caused no effect neither increased heart beat nor increased body heat. The second cigaratte was definitely gave significant effect as it name goes STROng Dunhill..i started to have smelly breath, body heat increases and no doubt my heart rate increases. Eventually as i continue to puff, i found that 'hey smoking is nt bad.. quite enjoying' ... haha.. Then, i persuaded my other non subject friends to give themselves a try.. initally they hesitated but after assurance from so called little pro 'me' , they obliged. well , of course, they do no try the Dunhill but instead the mild cigaratte from Mahmood. Shin ying, suk yen, poh chin(OMG..not wrong name) ..all GALS tried for their very first time with exceptional wei kiat who only posed with the cigaratte and took photos.

Shin Ying
Wei Kiat

Me and Michael

At las, gt poh chin pic~
Me and suk yen
haha...its me..i know it is ugly`~

Thanx wei kiat for being the photographer~

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