Saturday, February 9, 2008


The GMF.. an egg with double is nt by chance bt a GMF

Why is this banana in such a colour?? after a try, it has seed in the internal part.. now did i know banana can have big as honeydew's seed

My favourite nasi kerabu~

This is my favourite mamak rojak which can only be purchases from Melawati
Mamak Restaurant. Price : RM 3.50 if nt mistaken..

Haha.. This 'sang har mee' is the most expensive noodles i ever ate.. RM 20
with just 3 tiny prawns.. accidentally ordered~haih kena cheated~ experience of a lifetime

This is known as tosai xxx (forgot alrdy). It's size is like 2 big plates as in the
photos and price is 2.80 if nt misaken.

I love this pic~The two mini toilet bowl in pair is very cute and meaningful~

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