Sunday, October 3, 2010

i-City Shah Alam

Presenting to you, i-City also known as city of digital lights which is the first lightscape tourism destination in Malaysia equipped with state-of- the-art LED technology displays.

Basically, all the display use LED (light emitting diode) lights. So, when you are taking pictures close to the displays, you can feel the heat generated too. 

It is very difficult to capture those scenery here during night time. It's either you choose a clear subjects (human) or background. 

Taking picture with a giant Christmas tree at background. If you observe the building at the background, it houses various shops and cafes. I am not sure the business hours here but when I reached here, all these shops already closed. 

One thing I dislike being here is the continous noise pollution by the staff. You are 'not allowed' to touch the LED displays and if you do, the staff will blow the whistle repeatedly and show 'NO' hand signal. Even if you do not touch or  simply going near to the display, the staff already start to blow the whistle. They are really annoying!!! Kuan Poh's picture with the i-cactus is one of the example. Even if you sit nearby and did not touch anything, it is still an offence and you will received continous whistle sound. 

This is supposed to be something like Chinatown environment with red lanterns hanging on top.

There are 2 sides of 'i-pine tree plantation'. On this side is the one with colouful i-trees. 

Whereas, for this side, there are only white and orange i-pine trees.

Taking pictures with coulourful i-trees. 

If you want to take a close picture with the i-trees, find this spot. It is somewhere located at the side hill of the trees plantation (colourful i-trees side). Why this spot? It is because the i-trees here are shorter and thus easier for you to take a complete and closer picture. In addition, there are no staff guarding here. 

Solo picture with blue i-trees. See you can even touch the tree with no annoying disturbance.

Red and yellow i-trees. Hmm.. blue, red and yellow... that is primary colour!

Taking picture with i-butterfly. Now you can see clearly the location of these shorter i-trees which is at the hill side of the colourful giant i-trees plantation.

It was not easy to take this group photo. You need to find acquaintance who happened to mingle around at the hillside. What a lovely picture! xD

Colourful.. is the only word to describe the environment here. 

Tada.. presenting to you... i-City and i-humans!

Deep into the i-trees plantation and located at downhill, there is a big area comprises the 12 i-zodiac. Taking pictures here is the most challenging as it is somehow darker and there is only one light which is green. 

OMG! Kuan Poh (bottom left) taking picture with his zodiac, DINOSAUR??

Top: Was that red cherry tree? You can even 'eat' them but must 'pandai-pandai'. There are staff stationed here. 

i-City, Shah Alam is a must to visit. It is easily accessible through the Federal Highway. Bring your family especially kids for a night tour here. Entrance and parking are absolutely FREE. 

Map to i-City, Shah Alam, Selangor:


I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow~~it seems everybody is going to this muz-visit place~~feel like going 2^^

Horlic said...

i-city, it will become another white elephant project at the end.

xh said...

i found familiar faces :p yen moi & lam.. how r u pal?.. how's ur appeal?

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, hw r u?
so long din visit liao
u oso so long din update liao~~

Jobless Girl said...

It nice but it really hot over there due the the LED light.

Yuliya said...

Hi... nice pictures... Is it for free to go to I-city or should one pay smth? thanx... Yulia

varunkhera said...

hi i am tourist here.....i am staying in kuala lumpur ...dont know how to go to icity...please guide me....dont want to incure lot of expenses....if any bus route or train or any other public transport????? what is the exact address please guide thanks a ton. my email id is

Nick Josh Karean (NJK) said...

If you like, you can embed my i-City video on your blog too. Here's the link:

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