Saturday, December 4, 2010

OCTOPUS Sushi & Thai Restaurant @ Wangsa Walk Mall

Yo, folks! It's been long time I did not blog since I officially migrated 'dibuang negeri' to Sabah, the Land Below the Wind. Well, I am doing fine here. Back to the post, this Octopus Sushi & Thai Restaurant is located at the ground floor of Wangsa Walk Mall. The restaurant is quite spacious and offers menus similiar to the Sushi King but I guess it is cheaper than the latter. 

It is a good place to hang with your friends and spent hours of chatting here. Why? You'll will know in a short while. 

Introducing the giant size Tempura Ramen @ RM 14.90. Oh yea, the pretty girl is my best friend whom 'migrated' to Singapore. Well, it's always hard to see your good friends leaving you but no choice, for the sake of her future. 

Do I need to introduce the blogmaster to you? If you don't know the person above, HIT THE WALL HARD RIGHT NOW! Introducing to you Ramen Set 3 @ RM 19.90.

Portion wise it is big and suit for guys. Well, the XY genes has always the big eater. It is combination of rice and ramen set with nuts, dumplings and a dessert. 

Ignore the Subway Board. We ordered the Green Tea @ RM 1.00 (Hot/Cold) and the best deal it is refillable. Since the mall don't have KFC or McD (if not mistaken), it is the best place to chit chat with friends for long hours (provided not so many customers at the time of dining). We kept asking for refill and exchanging stories for hours. 

Sincerely from me, I hope she can able to settle down with her desired job and get marry soon. Haha.

Qoutes of the day.

I noticed that as our chapter of life changes, the people surrounding us and the environment changes in great momentum. As for those who had graduated and who is working now, there seems to be a great shift of life. In working world, it means new environment, new people, new friends, new stuffs and less time to meet friends, less time to sleep, less time to hang out, less time to FB or MSN and the lists continue. 

As for me, I thought the current status quo would remain the same should you 'be the same'. However, I noticed that if you 'be the same', it doesn't mean your other friends 'would be the same' as well. As we entered into a new chapter of life, to be exact the working world, there seem to be less weightage on what used to be 'good' as most will concentrate on their work or new interests eg into a relationship.

Perhaps, I am not ready into the working world but I am in it now. I just hope things will go smoothly and I believe there is nothing important in life than being happy in whatever things you do. I am writing this not because I do not feel happy currently. I am very glad and contented right now but I just miss those days back in university!

Back to the post, the prices are exclusive of 5% service charge.

Lot No G50-51, Wangsa Walk Mall, Wangsa Avenue,  
No. 9, Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1,
Bandar Wangsa Maju,
53000 Kuala Lumpur.


Small Kucing said...

saw this shop before but havent got the chance to go in and visit

Celeste said...

yea well, people usually adapt to the new environment and by adapting, sometimes we unknowingly changes until old frens pointed out those :)

n octopus sounds like a nice place though im wondering is the food nice?hmm..

Xjion89 said...

finally updated~~
ooo, rupanya go to Land below the wind^^
hw r u?

The Girl Who Lives In Her Dreams said...

this is my fav place to dine! they first started at ampang point but thn after a few years they finally opened up here :)

food's really nice (to me la :p)

Anonymous said...

Napa dibuang negeri ? Kerana menyokong pihak salah ke ? Itu kehidupan la. Tukar. Transformasi. Mengubah. Itulah. Itu yang apa orang Malaysia mau. Itulah sebab u bertukar. Tak happy ? Tukar lagi. Supaya happy.

KwOnG FeI said...

@small kucing: should giv a try.. price similar like sushi king

@celeste: not bad..quite ok

@xjion: yea lor.. now only got the free time..doing fine here..

@girl: yeap

@anonymous: haha.. tak la sampai dibaung negeri kerana menyokong pihak yg salah.. cuma kerana governemnt posting...

Yen said...

Gambatae as we'll be more happy when we're arising from our downside, it happens occasionally, just dont let it frequently :) said...

hmmmm. yummy, sure it's so great, even watching photos.
BTW, I never tried octopus sushi....o_O

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