Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show time @ NoGAPS 2010

It's SHOW TIME!! Each group (total 10) will have to perform a given task assigned. There were 3 categories of performance which included:
  1. Sketch
  2. Singing
  3. Dancing
My group => PINK was assigned to do singing. We were required to blend our group colour into the theme of our performance. Since we got PINK and we have to do singing, you can expect our songs were related to love, romance or something sweet. =P

The hall used for the opening ceremony and dining had suddenly turned into a romantic candle light dinner banquet hall. There are tables covered with red cloth scattered inside the hall and at each table, there were a candle and five petals of flower (I guess that was rose). 

Oh yea.. forgot to mention that each of us was required to wear shirt/ dress etc that resemble the colour of our own group. Did you spot my Canon pinkish collar shirt?

Somebody, Amy Chuah and Sifa

Group 1 : RED with sketch

Group 2 : YELLOW with singing

Group 3 : ORANGE with dance

Fantastic performance led by Haikal (USM) with their signature song 'Sorry sorry'. They were the CHAMPION for dance category. All the judges gave full marks to this group. Don't believe me? Check out their performance LIVE now.

Group 4 : GREEN with sketch 

Group 5 : BLUE with singing

BLUE performance's video (Don't think 'blue' ok!)

Group 6: Brown with dance

Group 7 : PINK with singing

OMG! I had no idea how my group become the CHAMPION for singing category! I even made some mistake during the movements time. Perhaps, it was because the song 'ONE LOVE' that won us. It had become the signature of our group. Our first song was 'Kau Ilhamku' followed by 'My Heart Will Go On' and ended with 'One Love'.

Group 9 : WHITE with sketch

White sketch's performance

Group 10 : Grey with sketch

Towards the end of the show time, the organiser gave a shocked birthday celebration surprise to the 3 birthday person:
  1. Amirul Fariz (UiTM)
  2. Noor Arbaiyah (UiTM)
  3. Sifa

Finally but not least, the whole night event ended with a dance party!!

I know you gonna be excited with PAR- TIE. So, watch the dance party and get your butts  hands/legs shaking!!

After the show time officially ended, we went out explore the compound of AISMT University and took some group photos.

Last picture of the day. Can you guess what letters these girls were trying to illustrate? Answer is:
UCSI (University)

Congratulations to all winners. To all my groupmates, you guys did a good job!!

One love. =P


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