Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Restoran Melaka Satay Lok Lok @ Jalan Prima Setapak

Many had passed by this restaurant. To our perception, it will be never gonna be the same as found in Melaka. On one very fine day, we decided to break the odd to try this restaurant for what we hoped will be a good experience. We knew that this restaurant has never been fully occupied before, yet we came to give a try since the restaurant we intended to go wasn't open on that day. 

And this was when the disaster started.. read on.

There are only 2 refrigerator that stored the foods all inserted through the wooden stick. The choice of food here are very LIMITED and not so appealing.

This refrigerator seems to serve as duplicate of the earlier refrigerator which explain the limited choice.

Here comes the most important one, the satay sauce based soup. It wasn't the same as Melaka satay lok lok at all! Well, LOOK, it was just a VERY DILUTE mixture of soup which slightly spicy. You couldn't really taste the soup simply because it was very dilute.

So, once your food are cooked, when you eat it, you will only taste the original taste of the food and hardly taste the soup. It's like eating something raw despite being dipped into a spicy sauce.

I supposed this is the fried yau char kwai. OMG, I dipped it for quite a long time and yet it is still rough and not soft. Very awful!

Orange juice @ RM 4.80
Their juice drinks which costs RM 4.80 for small and RM 8.80 for large.

Watermelon juice (Large) @ RM 8.80

Differences between the large and small

There are also a cooked food section which nothing fresh inside perhaps since not many customers at that time or perhaps the whole day (countable by your fingers). There are limited left over of nuggets and 'cold' fried mee hoon.  Awful experience!

The weird thing is there is one dim sum stall located within their premise which is not included in this so called all you can eat buffet. Same thing, that stall has no customer and their staff are VERY BUSY playing with their notebook perhaps playing FB.

To my dearest readers staying in Setapak, NEVER break the odd and attempt to try this restaurant. It was an awful experience. The food here is limited and not nice. The satay sauce based soup is the worse of all. The cooked food serve you COLD food. The only thing that can be eaten which I enjoyed very much is their ice cream. Thank God they don't produce their own ice cream.

Price per person adult = RM 16.80 (cheated by this price)
100 Plus - RM 2.50 per can
Service charge = 10% 

In my view, this restaurant is awaiting time to close their business. I had predicted right in my previous post for Rice Barrel House Restaurant, Taman Connought, and the next will be you for running a business without knowing the need of the customers.Wanna see the real Melaka stay lok lok, chekc it out here.


heather yee said...

should hv asked me b4 u tried it, as i suffered d same bad experience few months back, hahaha....

Ned Pungawon said...

hahaha.. well, at least i know where to go to eat in melaka... no, not this place though.. huhu

Anonymous said...

the restaurant still open and the owner own several illegal business

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the shop owner's name....maybe he will go to open another new shop...boycourt...

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