Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gathering @ Mid Valley

We had this short gathering once in a blue moon. Why it is short? Will be explained later. And why is it once in a blue moon? Well, basically it is because we don't really contact each other due to the generation gaps. HAHA. Some 'older' generations preferred to use SMS or call which are costly whereas most of the youths nowadays fully utilising the current social network such as MSN, FB etc. Oops, somebody is going to kill me.

It was unexpected to meet Stephen who has now become a TEACHER. He brought two kids along with him for a going out session. The 'kids' are from his church and it was a good deed of him to bring them out. What a caring care taker aka teacher...

Stephen and Naresh. For Naresh, he is still working out with his Masters. He is highly predicted to work in education profession.

Chan and I. Chan is currently choosing between two job offers and still undecided yet. He graduated in Biomedical Engineering.

The initial group: Stephen, Yi Pei, Chan and Me

We met around 1.30 pm because that was the time Yi Pei finished her work. She is currently working with a health care centre at Boulevard offices. At around 3 pm, Gurvin who arrived from airport for some personal purposes joined us.

Gurvin had just graduated with Degree in Pharmacy from Indonesia. She just applied through SPA and will be waiting call for an interview session. In another words, we will become collegue soon but mine would be earlier than her.

Why it is short gathering? As usual, there will be some of us who need to be arrived at home at certain time frame. Naresh need to be at home by 5 for his catering works, Yi Pei need to be back by 6 for dunno what reason and Gurvin need to be back by 6 for temple visitation. Stephen had earlier left with Naresh to take care the kids.

Me, Yi Pei and Gurvin later left together  by car whereas Chan remained at Mid Valley because he wanted to visit a home decor exhibition at Mid Valley. Wish I could join Chan too but the ladies said they lack of time. HAHA.

A short gathering but quite meaningful.

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