Tuesday, August 17, 2010

McD Grilled Chicken Burger aka GCB

I'm sure by now you had heard about GCB or grilled chicken burger by McD. But, have you try it?

It does have special taste which comes from the char- grilled sauce. It's really something new!

McD is always good with promotion. Can you describe your experience of eating the Great-tasting Chicken Burger?
  1. Grilled whole chicken thigh
  2. Glorious char-grilled sauce
  3. Gorgeous iceberg lettuce
  4. Golden sesame seed bun
Arg, even a burger has 4 G, my handphone still do not have it!!


McD recently hold a contest on 'Tell us your G and win BIG'. Alright, it is over so no point to elaborate more.

Ended this post with Jun Jun having a fun time at McD somewhere in Malaysia. xD

1 comment:

Scho said...

Looks like a filling meal.

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