Monday, October 19, 2009

Slurpeelicious Moment Contest: VOTE NOW, *updated*

Phew.. finally all the photos are successfully submitted. It took me three days to fully submit them. Wonder why only selected photos are uploaded in the website initially causing me to send repetitively. I spent another few hours just to find the photo on the middle night on the first day of voting through the super lagging page site. Duh~~! Waste my time!@ On the other hand, I would like to ask for support from my dear readers to vote for my fellow friends aka models who are joining this Slurpeelicious contest. A lot of hard works, time, brain 'squeezing' and efforts have been put for this contest. Check here for the photo taking day. My position are as photographer + director + manager for them. Haha. The general rules and regulations are:
  1. Participants are required to take photographs with any Slurpee flavour and cup size.
  2. For each photo submitted, the Slurpee product must take up at least 40% of the entire photo size. (That's why it is hard to take the photo as the main focus should be on the Slurpee and less on the person or background. Between, if you open the Gallery on the contest page, about 90% of the photos do not fulfill this requirement. Will the judges strict to this rule set?)
  3. Submission of entries can be attached with an optional narrative of the Slurpeelicious moment.
  4. Judging will be based on public voting system via internet and also on the decision of Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd and 7 Eleven Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s panel of judges.
  5. Two main criteria in determining the winners are the most creative Slurpeelicious face and enjoyable moment face with Slurpee.
So, YOU are important to determine the winning of my fellow friends if you think they have the winning criteria. You can view all photo submission at the Gallery page. And now, may I present you the photo entry for this contest.
So good, you will even jump to drink it.

Model name: Koay Hooi Hooi. VOTE (page 26) her now! Comments: It is seriously hard to take a jumping shot. You will know how many time she jumped non stop from previous post. This is because the mouth position must be aligned correctly to the straw. Also, the jumping act should be in a nice curve to portray out the sense of joyfulness. In addition, the facial expression must be considered as well. The curvature is the best of all in this photo and her eye is actually open if you enlarge the photo.
Slurpee, comes with so many flavour. You’ll think what you having next.
Model name: Koay Hooi Hoon. VOTE (page 26) her now. Comments: This is a rather simpler shot. In this photo, she is portraying that she is drinking the Slurpee and is thinking to drink for another Slurpee next. For the yellow Slurpee (lime), it is adjusted slightly bend 45 degree and appear slightly small in sight to resembles something in imagination. Drops of water outside the plastic cup can portray the tastiness of the drink as well as the strong desire of her to have another cup of Slurpee.
Slurpee, you’ll drink to the last drop.
Model name: Lee Yee San. VOTE (page 13) her now. Comments: This is indeed a great photo. She is enjoying drinking the Slurpee while laying down and leaning on a pillow. Her crossed leg added the sense of joyful moment. Her facial exppresion showed the drink is as sweet as her.
This is my 10th Slurpee, don’t tell mum okay?
Model name: Cindy Lau Sing Ling. VOTE (page 15, ignore page 11) her now. *Due to technical errors, there are 2 entry of same photo. Hence, it is advisable to vote through this link. Comments: In this photo, she is hiding under a table and drinking Slurpee to avoid being seen by her mother. To add the sense of cuteness and playfulness, she is talking to her bear asking it not to tell her mum she is drinking Slurpee secretly. I found her facial expression in this photo is the most happy and 'killing'. Alright, your mum will never know it. We will keep the secret.
Magazine + Mask + Slurpee = That’s life.
Model name: Foo Yen Yie. VOTE (page 13) her now! Comment: She is portraying a sense of relaxing moment putting on a mask and reading magazine. To quench for her thirst, Slurpee is the best choice. This gives a message to all girls on mask to try for her Slurpeelicous moment.
So irresistible, even gravity cannot withstand it.
Model name: Wilfred Chua Chun Chiat. VOTE (page 15) him now! Comment: He is portraying an excitement of drinking Slurpee. The facial expression gives a sense to the irresistible Slurpee and the strong desire to drink it. If you see clearly on the cup of Slurpee, the liquid content do not flow like usual and looked almost static in position with 90 degree vertical position. I had placed my vote to ALL of them! How about you? Will you support us? *Update on 21 Oct 2009*
  1. Hooi Hooi: 5 stars
  2. Hooi Hoon: 1 star
  3. Cindy: 5 stars
  4. Yee San: 4 stars
  5. Yen Yie: 1 star
  6. Wilfred: 1 star
* To vote, click to the link through VOTE then enter your email. After that, en email verification will be sent to you. Once you click the verification email link, then your vote will be counted. That's all and NO registration is required. Voting period from 19 to 25th October 2009. Hurry and vote for your favourite!


Ben said...

Okay Voted for your & your models! Well done!

stephy-nie said...

wa... you got so many models? LOL love the jump shot one! geng-ness

Irenelim said...

Wah, so many models eh... which one to vote ler?

KwOnG FeI said...

@Benedict: thanks for your support..

@stephynie: haha 54 shots of jumpig.. next time find you..

@Irenelim: vote all la.. 1 email can voter 5 times per day (if not mistaken). Vote for Hooi Hoon especially coz she is your blouse model.. Haha~

Unknown said...

hey! remember to vote for me too yeah!
if you can find for my entry, ;)

yoon see said...

OK, will vote for you guys!

ai wei said...

hahaha, nice one :)

KwOnG FeI said...

@ dylan: i found ur entry

@ yoon see: thanks.. do vote daily till dis sunday

@ ai wei: haha next time ask u ar..haha

diFa said...

wah so many model. i love the jumping picture. but cant vote nyway since already now.hehe nyway d results still didnt come out aite? Good LucK~ ^_^

KwOnG FeI said...

thanx difa..
yea vote ended..
now awaiting result~

POH said...

'her eye is actually open if you enlarge the photo'

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