Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali

To all my readers, Happy Deepavali!!! Today, me, Yi Pei, Suk Teng and Naresh went to Subhashini house for a visit. Wan Ying and Kuan Phang couldn't make it to this function. The last time we visited her house was during her birthday celebration. See here. (the younger of us..haha) Hand made kolum at the entrance of the house usually using coloured rice. However, due to the traffic passing by the entrance, they painted the decor instead. Also, at the edge or the flower, there will be a candle usually lighted at night to brighten the house.
For Chinese, we usually had drawings such as bamboo, chicken, fishes, flowers, mountains and etc potrayed at our house. For Indians, it seems to be such story board consisting of a legend with the copper topping. This is a big pot of water floated with fresh flowers giving the fresh aroma of the flowers at the living room. Hmm~~ so fresh~ It is a big difference for cookies and traditional food served at an Indian house compared to the Chinese. A must to have for Indians are the muruku and some sweet delicacies. However, I do not get used to the taste of some of them. For example, the dark brown ring taste is so 'special', I can taste ginger and sort of santan inside. Oh...what is that? The best is still the chocolate chips..haha.
Me, Suk Teng, Yi Pei, Subha and Naresh.
Suk Teng still remain slim while Yi Pei has a very good understanding about the Indians especially food, attire and traditions. Salute her~ A good gathering for all of us to update our life, happenings and also the most frequent question 'Are you still single?'. As for me, it will be a yes forever. Haha. Me and Naresh~ Naresh is currently pursuing his Master in Science. Fu yoh~ Talk also different style already. Haha. Alright, are you ready for FOODS?
Curry chicken
Dhal Tosai
Briyani rice with kayu manis/suji?
Vegetables or more like acar
Chutney (coconut + pudina)
Chutney (coconut + sambal)
Ibli (steamed tosai)
Well, this is how I eat Ibli. Cut it into 2 middle lines. Then, place 1 flavour into each line. That's it, simple?
Wow, happy family it seemed. Haha.. no comment.
Happy father with 2 sons.
The girls~
This cili padi already graduated. Now, is working somewhere.
Both of them with the Deepavali outfits.
Me and Subha (once a cili, forever a cili padi)
Joyful occasion for all~
After that, we then went to Naresh house for a visit. All of us have not been to his house before. So, jalan-jalan cari makan continued.
A very warm welcome to eat the foods served.
Briyani rice
Putu mayam
Ayam masak merah (spicy chicken but with sugar)
My portion of food. Yeah.. I'm dieting..
One of the cookies served. This is ghee onde. Another new taste for me.
Till we see again perhaps next year? Good luck all in your current undertakings! *Thanks Yi Pei for the name of the foods. She knows well on Indian foods.


Ken Wooi said...

why no picture of mukuruuuuu? =P

Tony Wan said...


Nice post anyway.... I got indians frens but nvr go to their house for deepavali celebration.... Will plan for it next time...

KwOnG FeI said...

@kenwooi: haha.. muruku la..
becoz it was placed at the side so i din take the photo, plus it ran out fast..
@tony wan: well, u should go to their house and experience the celebration + foods etc.

Btw, I am planning to buy an Indian male wear (is it dhoti) next year should I will be attending any Deepavali open house..nice idea?

Ben said...

All the Indian foods are pretty tempting or it is your nice photography skill that making them stand up? ;)

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