Saturday, October 3, 2009


DOA: 22 Sept Demographic: Elderly, F CC: Swelling (edematous) on both lower limbs (thighs to toe) and stomach. MH: Hypothyroidism, compliance to thyroid replacement therapy, operation before many years back to remove enlarged goiter. Before admission, she has a hx of ICU ward admission weeks back but later able to walk with supports. No edema was observed. When I first visited her, she has SOB and was on the oxygen support. Left leg still enlarged while right leg was subsiding slowly. Stomach was swollen to 5 months old pregnant women size. According to the fx member, her conditions has yet to be diagnosed. Relatives were sourcing the ‘God help’. One said the ancestor wanted to pull her down to hell while another said she was disturbed by soul of a dead person died due to abortion. The next morning, I visited her again early in the morning. The doctor in charged said he did not know what was the cause of her CC and investigations were still carried out. He said her heart was ok and no problem (I initially thought it was CHF plus she was warded into cardiac unit). Then, another doctor should by a gynecologist came for ward check and gave the same answer. After about 1 hour, a group of 6 doctors (5 Males and 1 Female wearing a bag) came for ward check. Heard them saying that not much ascites, peritoneal deposit, hypoalbuminemia and pericardium normal. No conclusion was made but said pending investigations. Next, after 30 minutes later, group of 3 doctors (seems to be specialist) came and as usual do the checking. They also were unable to diagnose her problem.
After 8 days of admission, she finally left us. On that day, my sis told me she saw her looking the ward at all angles and was talking to ‘somebody’. Her reply was ‘yes’, ‘go away’ and etc. In afternoon, she started to be very weak. She can’t speak but only able to nod her head. Accordingly, no pulse rate at a point time and doctor used life saving injections. Pulse return back later but doctor said she no longer able to survive till that night. News on her conditions was relayed to all close relatives. I received the death news late at night. It was very unexpected and saddening for her departure. Worse still, I was informed that my mum was sobbing all the time. I felt even sad as I cannot help and was not there to console my mum. My mood for the next day was so down. Doctor said she had end stage cancer. What a rubbish diagnosis! The family members were convinced but relatives were surprised to disbelief. She did not complain any pain before and she had admitted to various hospitals, performing all sorts of lab and physical tests, DON’T TELL ME NONE OF THEM CANNOT IDENTIFY PRESENCE OF CANCER! She had done blood test, CT scan, X-rays and many more and not even one result suggest cancer? Doctor explaination that she had end stage was absolutely unacceptable. There were not even signs and symptoms for previous stage and now end stage? Talking about the children was sad story. My aunt and her husband raised them up by farming. She worked day to night non stop from young till now to fund for their education. Now that all of them are graduated with their own profession and earns a lot, they forgot about the past. They earn thousands per month but yet need their parent’s money to buy houses and cars. What a shame. When my aunt complained of discomfort, they were hesitated to bring her see doctors. They even argued and scolded her. When she was warded in PPUM, my mum and others were asking them to change to Gleneagles because her conditions were undiagnosed for days after admission. Even the Chinese medium or temple asked them to change hospital but they denied. Though the cost may be slightly higher, but what is more important than your own mother life? Furthermore, all the things that the children had now were given by her. A minimum 4 years degree will cost at about RM 60000 to 80000 x 4 @basket children would be about RM 320000. She raised you up even when you in her stomach till now. So, how come you people cannot admit her to a better hospital for faster treatment? When she was in ward, they came late to bring her food or to take care of her. During the day she passed away, the father and the eldest children were late because @basket children want to bath first. Status, money and self pride can make a person blind! After class on Friday, I hurried back to meet my family members to attend her funeral at Xiao En, Cheras. Mum was alright but whenever she talked on how her younger sis died not peacefully, she broke out in tears. Relatives from hometown came along with us. All of them were sadder than their own children. The place for the funeral service was quite cozy, air conditioned and modern. Day 1, her mouth was intact and closed while day 2, her mouth was slightly opened. Mum said this is the sign when a person died not peacefully. When relatives came, my mum served them most of the time. You can expect those self called educated @basket children don’t even know their relatives. The funny thing is that usually after a person pay respect to deceased, the family members of the deceased will stand aside and pay respect to the person also. But, I never see them stand or even kneel down. I only see them chatting outside with their close friends. The @basket children don’t even talk to us although by right we should be the closest relatives in terms of hierarchy. I seriously do not know what there are so prides of until they have such attitude. @Basket! Today is the moon cake festival celebration. The said bbq was cancelled. Sorry. I did not attend the service tonight as I had some homeworks to do. Gonna be dead meat soon. With Ms Saras 2 long winded questions, my viva, quiz, drug info report and many more, I seriously lacking of time. Between, a very surprising thing was the eldest son-going-to-be-wife is scheduled to undergo Chinese 'hantaran' for their weddingtoday (for girl side) only while her mum is still resting and yet to be buried! What a @basket children! What is so urgent to get married except the girl is pregnant? Nonetheless, can't you so called educated @basket fella wait until the full funeral service is ended? Bladderful! Tomorrow is the burial day for her. I need to wake up as early as 6 am tomorrow as my relatives are coming down. Again, it is a sad ending story for her chapter of life. Useless @children make her died not peacefully. After the funeral, I might need to back to Cheras ASAP to continue my homeworks. Lastly, I wish my aunt ‘May you rest in peace’. And for my readers, remember who raised you up and who gives the things you had now. Give the love to your parents just like what they did since you are born.


yoon see said...

Sorry to hear this , may God looks after her in heaven. RIP.

kEv!n said...

May her soul rests in peace.

KwOnG FeI said...

yea.. may her rest in peace..
hope she wont be shocked that @basket children is going to honeymoon this week!

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