Sunday, July 13, 2008

A very happy day!

I am feeling very happy today after so long. Yesterday, i received my birthday presents from my sis which were two G2000 formal wear. Quite nice, they were antiwrinkle. I went to KLCC ISetan today to look for a school beg which i wanted to buy long time ago. My previous beg had alwiz wit me all the time for 4 years alrdy. I brought him along for various trips including overseas and had being a good companion during my schoool time and even now. (my beg take flight be4..hahaha) Great that i had found some begs that atrracted me which were Converse, Adidas and Reebok. The selection was either Converse or adidas. Converse with a bright colour, smaller size while adidas with bigger, 2 compartments and anti-dirt. I do believe the gals selection is alwiz the best as they were born naturely with the sense of fashion and good in selection. I asked my sis to choose for me. As usual, my style is free and easy, anything will do. Finally, adidas beg was the one being selected. Btw, branding play no role in deciding as for me. Anyway, i just get to know Joanne was planning to get me a beg for my birthday.. She really a master in present selection and can analyse ones' need in very detail way. Thanx for your concern. Hope your diarrhea will 'get lost' by tomorrow. Then, we went to San Francisco and i ordered a cofffe latte. As usual, FOC, i'm still the kid in the family. Haha.. My big sis and her frens later went to the supermarket to shop for items. My second sis went to a boutique with her bf to look for a wedding gown. Hmm, she getting married... bt dun really want it to be to fast.. wat to do? i spent most of my time playing with my nephew, jun jun. He getting cutier day by day. I received news from xy saying me in nanyang siang pau. haha..again... bt it was too late to get a copy of the paper. In the supermarket, I saw many pepsi and coke mainly from different countries. My excitement was halted when i saw the price tag. It was really expensive. The olympic set of coke costs rm 54, blak coke bottle like type RM 24.90, coke ice black colour can rm 9 and others ..too many for me too rmb. Since sOMebody is treating me good with some gifts to me, decided to buy back the person sumthing.. the japanese coke 325 ml which i can afford to buy. At nite time, greg informed me our PHC is in the webtv ===> So, i informed all those related to the phc and appeared online in my contact to go have a look. Haha..i saw my face there.. Alvin had his name changed to alvin chong ho jee ..haha.... my mom who is blur on wat i did in the last holiday just look to the video and start questioning me. And at last, after weeks of silence attempt to acknowledge sumbody, sumbody (X) took action to rectify the problem whom only realised to be problemS. Luckily, i was really in a good mood and I able to control myself. Btw, it was a good timing for X to approach me at dis time. I told X what had being wrong for so long and as usual the conversation wont be complete if online messaging. The ''future'' depends on X reply. I will not do anything more unless X realised X mistake and changed. But, I am happy my effort has being fruitful even though it took a very long time till today.

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