Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Power of Love- So touching

Lately, there are many love stories which involved my friends as well as the nation. Lets talk on the headline of all; The resignation of Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah from Parliamentary member of Permatang Pauh to make way for her dearest husband Dato Seri Anwar to contest in the by election.

DS Dr. Wan Azizah is a doctor who left her career into the politics with the influence of her husband. During the 1998 sodomy alleged case on DS Anwar Ibrahim, she gave her full trust to her husband knowing that he wont do such immoral act. She fight for the freedom of her husband when he was jailed even though she was just a normal woman with a great courtesy and kind. She then formed KEADILAN to gather those who are unsatisfied with the previos government on the ruling to fight for the freedom namely of her husband as well as other people who are detained under the ISA. They claimed the previous goverment is cruel and had misused the power interfering the judisriction bodies. Well, I am not going to elaborate on the mentioned previous government.. No comment for that.

Datin Seri sacrifices show how she loves her husband, to stand beside him, to support behind him and to cheer in front of him.

Meanwhile, Dato Seri is on his way to Putrajaya as he claimed. By-election and should there is changes in power of the government, they must take place to be exact before the coming Hari Raya and not Sept 16. The EC may delay the by-election while the police may find new evidences and etc to prevent Dato Seri for registering himself for the election. I predicted there must be chaos during or before nomination day that certain people will prevent Dato Seri to attend that particular day. Well, will it happen? We need to wait and see. And of course, there will be no surprise if tomorrow or the next day, there will be new allegations to him. Whether it is true or nt.. none can really judges? BUT for sure the DNA profile NEVER expires. What a joke from the government and those ministers who do not learn science~

PAS had just confirmed there will be no agreement with UMNO to establish a new state government and PAs will continue be a part of PR. Although their Islam agenda has been obstacles to most of non-Malays, they are not 'idiot' to be fooled again by the same scenario happened those days.

Back to the main topic, if love can be so beautiful that ones may sacrifice almost everything for his/her spouse and vice versa, it would be a wonderful journey of life~

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