Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Four Face Budddha @ Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

The four face Brahma (Phra Phrom) statue located at Erawan Shrine was built back in 1956. It was built after series of bad mishap occurred during the construction of Erawan Hotel owned by the government. 

You can buy offerings, joss stick and other praying items at numerous stalls located along the Ratchadamri Road.

Since after it was built, the construction of the Erawan Hotel went well. In 1987, the hotel was demolished and replaced with Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel. 

Not only the local Thais, the tourists flock in here to worship the four faced Brahma. The God Brahma first arm holds a mala, second arms holds a sacrificial spoon, third arm holds a water pot and forth arm holds a vedas.

Lord Brahma is the God of Creation of the Universe in Buddhism and Brahmanism.

This Erawan Shrine is located at Ratchaprasong intersection of Ratchadamri Road in Pathum Wan, Bangkok. 

Thai dance troupe performing on frequent intervals

Washing hands with the 'holy water'


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