Sunday, July 24, 2011

Taman Buaya @ Sandakan (Sandakan Crocodile Farm)

Yo, folks! I'm back with a post on my recent visit to Taman Buaya Sandakan aka Sandakan Crocodile Farm. Been in Sandakan for almost a year, but I'm yet to visit this place which is among place of interests in Sandakan.

Well, the main thing here is the Crocodile Show which is performed twice daily, one at 12 pm and another one if not mistaken at 3-4 pm. Sorry for my bad memory. So, do come at correct time otherwise you wouldn't want to waste your money. The first step before the show started was to moist the surface of the floor with water.

Hmm, can't satisfy yourself with just picture? How about a video for you. Check it out. 

One of the most important step was to reduce the  mobility of the crocs. This was done by flipping their limbs backward. Observe the picture carefully. After that, you can perform any stunts on its body. 

Next, we going to call up the largest croc in the farm weighing more than 1500 pounds!

After the crocodile show was the feeding time. 

Shir Li & Yen Ping with Chah Chah. Both Shir Li & Yen Pin were on a holiday vacation at Sandakan.

It's a good feeling to feed the animals here. 

Oh, little dear~

Top: Green crocodile!

Sandakan Crocodile Farm is located on the way toward Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. One can easily find this place through the signboard along the way.

No charges for camera. Entrance fees is RM per person.

*will update later on some missing information*


Lindy said...

Crocodile..magnificent but creepy creature. Looks better than the croc farm we had here in Kuching. LOL

aina rahim said...

been here for almost 7 years, n never get the chance to be there. maybe someday I'll peek :D

Hire php Developers said...

Tortoise and crocodile are looking very good. And a man playing with a crocodile is really dangerous to see. The life of tortoise and crocodile is very long.

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