Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fifth Nuffnang Cheque with 4 Digit

Aloha readers!!! Finally, the much awaited fifth Nuffnang cheque has arrived! The amount stated is not per month earning of course.. but in fact was for the whole year of 2010.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and friends who showed continuous support towards my blog. I will continue to write basically about everything I encountered in my daily life. However, the momentum for this year or perhaps upcoming years would not be the same as last year. As I had entered into the working world, there are more commitments that I need to prioritize. 

Thanks all once again! Continue to visit my blog..well basically everyday just like your need to eat rice daily! xD

(Photo source: Google Images)


Small Kucing said...

wow! Me 10 years also wont get this much LOL

jfook said...

Wowww can I say you're famous now?

nesca said...

cool!! keep on posting :)

maro^gal said...

thats great!!
congrats kwong fei !!!

i still have to work hard.. hahaha

akagugo said...

Hard work always pays off!
Keep it up!

And thank you very much for your kind responses on the Sukuk thing - it helped me very much!

Phone Sex said...

Amazing nice sharing you have done here.

Speed Racer said...

This serves as an inspiration for me :) thanks & congrats!

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