Sunday, January 2, 2011

English Tea House & Restaurant @ Sandakan

Located in vicinity of the famous Agnes Keith House, this English Tea House & Restaurant is a perfect place to drop by for a cup of tea or a slice of cake. It is surrounded by lush greenery gardens with the perfect view of Sandakan harbours. Since it's located at hillside facing the seas, one can feel the cool breeze while dining in here.  

The varieties of cakes and dessert for you to choose. 

See San holding a local handicraft 

Besides offering foods and beverages, this restaurant do sell souvenirs mainly the local handicrafts. On bottom right is the books written by famous author Agnes Keith

Siew Hua and Auyn Chyi at the indoor dining area. 

At the outdoor dining area, there are two gazebos. There is also speaker to play musics in each gazebo. 

There are about 4 dining tables placed at the outdoor dining area. Though they are not covered, the giant trees at the side providing sufficient shade to the diners. 

Alright, we were seated at another end of gazebo which can accommodate larger number of people. 

See the wide spaces. Accordingly, you can play the English croquet lawn game here. However, I am not sure whether if there is any charges. A small house at the left of the picture is the peacocks' home. You can take a picture of them if you successfully 'persuade' them to spread their feathers. 

Inside the picture is the Rotary sponsored Observation Plane where you can have a view of Sandakan town and the harbours. Well, you get a higher view at this tea house.

Apple Crumble served with creamy custard or vanilla ice cream @ RM 13.50. It's cool at the top while hot at the bottom. 

New York Cheese Cake @ RM 10.00.

Tiramisu cake @ 10.00.

Complimentary sky juice flavoured with cucumber. FYI, the drinks here are quite expensive but the cake is worth its price. 

Alright cake eating session. The big mouthful of:
Top: Me, Wei Xin, See San
Bottom: Chah Chah, Siew Hua, Auyn Chyi

Seem like See San and Auyn Chyi couldn't control themselves when they see cakes!

Group photo inside the gazebo.

Taking pictures at the uncovered outdoor dining area. 

At another entrance from the Rotary Observation Plane. 

Nice pictures taken from the bottom of the stairs. 

Auyn Chyi and Siew Hua acting like small kids in excitement at the lawn field. See how happy they were!

ALERT for COUPLES! This place is perfect place for pak toh'ing aka dating. Haha. This place is also suitable to host wedding dinner, special functions or gathering. 

Price stated are exclusive of 10% service charge and 5% government tax. You may want to view their homepage here.

No. 2002, Jalan Istana,
90000 Sandakan, Sabah.

Tel: 089-222544


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