Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Final semester of final year begins

Hey there! Finally, the sweet 1 month + holiday had over. Time flies and now is time to face back to the reality. It's going to be dreadful studying + examing+ clerking+ pbl'ing+ and so on for about 4 months! Between, I had just set up my new toy. Remember the post I was being kidnapped? This is the dart board that I bought that day. The darts on the board are thrown by me. Geng or not? Of course, after multiple trials. Haha. So, don't ever try to make use of me or being rude to me. I throw the darts at you! Lets put aside the sad story first. The last semester holiday was wonderful. The first 2 weeks was like heaven. Playing and outing continously. Not to forget, eating too. Went to places like Sunway Lagoon, Taman Pertanian, Broga Hill and many more. Check my December archive. Some of the posts are still waiting the queue to be posted up here. Between, due to the business of going out with friends, I had forgot my blog has turn 2 on 20 November 2009. HaPPy BeLated BirtHDAy, to you my dearest blog!! Sorry for forgetting your birthday.
Then, the week after that was a hibernating week. Eating, sleeping, watching ASTRO and blogging full time! I was lucky to get an offer to work at PC FAIR. Thanks Shanker for the reconmendation. At PC FAIR III 2009 at KLCC, I was working as a sales promoter for my beloved CANON camera. I had a great time there learning new experiences and dealing with the customers need. Basically, I was in charge of selling IXUS digital camera including 95 IS, 100 IS, 110 IS, 120 IS and 200 IS. For your info, 200 IS model is the first touch screen digital camera by Canon. I think my best sale was 120 IS although I was asked to push the cheapest 75 IS. Also, I managed to sell one S 90, newest powershot camera. Arg.. it was slimmer than my G 10. Between, G 11 had released and arggg the screen is rotatable and with HD video recording. Argg.. but dun worry, I still love you the most.. G 10. Me in the Canon uniform. As usual, I did not attend any product briefing before working. It was a very last minute offer. Luckily, I am a Canon user and been using various brand of digital camera before.
My pass
I need to stand from 11 pm to 9 pm daily! Glad to meet back Aaron Loo, Teng Foung, Svylia and Wan Yee here. The week before semester re-open was like food eating week. Some plans were totally unexpected. Arg.. I am growing horizontally!
  1. Monday: Dim sum + Pan Mee
  2. Tuesday: Station one
  3. Wednesday: Cousin wedding at Pandan Seafood Village
  4. Thursday: Tomas Western + Sri Steven Corner
  5. Friday: TGIF
  6. Saturday: Daidomon
Due to that, I have my own plans for this new semester to 'keep fit'. So, please let me know a day earlier if you wish me to join you guys along for dinner. I will skip the lunch then. Haha. Between, Jun Jun is growing up! He is now studying in a kindergarten nearby my house.
*Pic of Jun Jun wearing kindergarten uniform will be posted soon*
Back to university stuff, first day of uni was like re-union after a month + disappearance. Nothing much changes except some might have done something on their hair. Physically, all remain the same. Haha. On the second day, it was a briefing by Dr. Yeong, Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University. She was condemning our bad results compared to our senior batch.
*Results for this semester will be posted soon*
She was saying that there are many different groups in our class and the disunity may be the reason for poor performance. Thus, she asked us to be UNITED and score well in this semester. And for the first time, she will be teaching us this semester for PBL II. Hope I won't be lucky to be under him. It will be a nightmare! Haha. Backed by Ms. Saras, unity is the keyword for success. We must learn how to give and take. We must exchange information and ideas with other friends. As what our dear Mahmood always said, 'sharing is caring'. Ms. Saras was asking us to be united and be strong because we must build up a strong profession as well as association just like MAA. She was also saying the tougher subject for this semester will be clerkship rather than PBL as the subject scope is wider. So, for this semester:
With the minus theory, I am sure this time, we can perform better! Good luck to everyone and lets march to the warzone together! *Due to some circumstances, some pictures may not be posted at the time of writing.


Su aka YSW said...

hey! My motto during my uni time was Study Smart and Play Hard!

My current motto: Work Smart and Play Hard!

hahahaa miss my good old time while i did my way through uni via study smart & play hard

~Live Life~ said...

Looks like you all gotta stick together thru the tough times ahead! Gambatte!

kenwooi said...

all the best in your final sem! =)

Esther said...

hey hey, all the best for the final sem.. mine would be the final sem of phase 1, then going to phase 2 is like starting all over again but on a different scale.. woo-hoo! you play darts too! i know, it's pretty addicitive. =) as for PBL lecturer, hehe, every sem, i'll be hoping that i don't get someone too stern or anything. in my previous semester, i had this guy who just concentrates on physiology for an hour and goes through the rest briefly..not that it's bad, but every lecturer has their own strengths.. make full use of them! hahaha...

wen pink said...

My motto for the new year is to earn more money to travel!! :D

Happy New Year!

KwOnG FeI said...

thanks for all comments..
love it very much~

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