Monday, August 8, 2011

Pasar Ramadhan @ Taman Fajar, Sandakan

Happy fasting month to all our dear Muslim friends! Hari Raya will be coming towards the end of the month while we will be spoil for choices of food during the one month long Pasar Ramadhan. 

This Pasar Ramadhan is located at the Bulatan Taman Fajar. It is not a big scale one and touring around for 15 minutes can walk past all the stalls here. Well, couldn't expect much as their usual night market located at Kim Fung is also a short and small scale.

The search for food was activated!

Roasted chicken wing

San Jin at Murtabak's Stall

Gee Pang, Me & Daniel

Our dinner..

Chicken wing @ RM 1.50 each

Sour taste chicken mee soup @ RM 4

Gula Melaka Cendol Drink @ RM 1.50

Sugar cane @ RM 3.50 per bottle

Assorted kuih-muih @ RM 1 for 3 pieces

Rojak kangkung + sotong @ RM 5 (Highly recommended)

Assorted fried vermicelli/ mee @ RM 1 per packet 

Murtabak ayam/ daging @ RM 3
Not so recommended as the murtabak like no taste and instead of meat, there are more vegetables. SJ told me this is Murtabak Jawa. 

Roti Sardin @ RM 1 for 3 pieces
Highly not recommended as high contain of oils. 

Nasi Kuning Ikan (left), Ayam (right) @ RM 3 each

Assorted kuih @ RM 1 for 3 pieces

Breaking fast around 6.30 pm + which was a bit earlier than West Malaysia.

Not to forgot, little Teh C accompanying us breaking fast. Sorry you can't eat the food above.

Overall, to be honest, the foods offered here were way too much different from the West Malaysia. Varieties, taste, choices and almost everything can't beat the common Pasar Ramadhan eg in KL. I miss my food trip at Pasar Ramadhan Taman Melawati. Check out my previous post HERE. Oh good foodie, miss you all very much!!

I shall give a try to other Pasar Ramadhan spot in Sandakan town.

Total damage per person: RM 10 only (7 persons)

Address/ Location:

Roundabout on the way heading to the Sandakan Airport.
Opposite Methodist Church Sandakan


aina rahim said...

went to the same bazaar on saturday, yeah I also miss pasar Ramadhan in KL huh, here there's no food varieties, you can expect the same food from other bazaar lol

maro^gal said...

looks so delicious !!.. i never been to pasar ramadhan... wanna go soon...!!
thx for sharing..

buku dakwah said...

what a great place

buy homework said...

looking realli nice. also never been there, wanna to fix it

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