Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Malaysia: Kamalanathan @ P94 Hulu Selangor

Quoted from YB Lim Kit Siang (Source: here),

Muhyiddin is insulting the intelligence of the 65,000 voters of Hulu Selangor with such “garbage”.

Would Kamalanathan respond and answer in a crowd if someone shouts “Kamal” or “Alan”? Clearly not.

If Kamalanathan’s name comprises of “Kamal”, “Alan” and “Nathan” then he has a longer name and should be called “Kamalalannathan”! The BN candidate for Hulu Selangor will stare at you for being hostile and unfriendly if you call him that!

Does Muhyiddin Yassin’s name qualify to be a “1Malaysia” name? Where are the Chinese and Indian components? What about Kadazan and Iban components?

Yea.. you heard it right. 1 Malaysia in the name of the BN so called compromised candidate, Kamalanathan. You may be wondering what it got to do with 1 Malaysia with the name?

When I first heard about it, I was in totally shocked. How can DPM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin uttered such words? If he called upon the voters of Hulu Selangor to vote for Mr. Kamalanathan just because of his so called 1 Malaysia name, then shall we proposed that the voters of Pagoh to oust him out in the coming election because we can’t find any 1 Malaysia in his full name, Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd. Yassin. You spotted any?

YB Muhyiddin is seemed to be a baggage for Dato Seri Najib’s administration by his incompetency and ‘nothing so great’ achievements especially in delivering the 1 Malaysia concept. Let’s look to the past on the chronology of ‘food in mouth’ disease as claimed by YB Lim,

  1. He caused a stir by claiming he is a Malay first followed by Malaysian. Well, it is nothing wrong to called yourself a Malay first but it is absolutely wrong if you wish to deliver the 1 Malaysia concept but labeling yourself based on your religion instead of ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. And guess what, the remarks was made on the April fool day and YB Lim called it as April fool joke. (Source: here)
  2. Next, he was quoted as saying that the Cabinet’s inter-faith panel was ‘small fry’ which received strong condemn especially from Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST). Though the MalaysiaKini and Malaysia Insider had apologized for mistakenly quoted YB Muhyiddin, the incident had leave a big impact to the public. (Source: here)
  3. You heard it now, Kamalanathan stand for Kamal, Alan and Nathan equals to 1 Malaysia.
Oh yeah.. on the achievements, perhaps we should be proud of the introduction of 1 Malaysia 1toilet and the abolishment of the English language in Science and Mathematics. For the 1 Malaysia 1 toilet, I strongly agree but not going to elaborate here. For the English in Science and Maths, thanks for your decision that made the newly textbooks to be withdrawn and abandoned away. With that, we WILL NEVER EVER ACHIEVE VISION 2020 because the Malaysian vision is basically confined to the local scope rather than eyeing to be among the best in the world. Malaysia Boleh and fellow Malaysian, dream on to achieve a developing country status. I know Tun Mahathir will be surely angry with the move, but no choice, he will just see how the country is lagging behind day by day,

On the other hand, the by election of Hulu Selangor showed how dirty politics are. Tun Mahathir was quoted as saying ‘all is fair in love and war and in election’ (Source: here). He enlightened that when he was in the helm of the top number 1 post, he was also victimized by claiming he had another wife in Singapore. What a retarded remarks! You people have nothing else to do than making allegations?

As for Hulu Selangor by election, personal attacks to the candidate namely Zaid Ibrahim was progressing to a new chapter. Initially, he was slammed for being a drinker and now he was labeled as a gambler. Zaid defended that owning a racing horse does not resemble gambling but it is a sport and even the Malay Ruler have their own racing horses. Anwar stressed that somebody in the UMNO owned San Miguel, Philippines- a beer manufacturing company (You may google for the specified person in the board of directors page). What I hate so much about politics is that people irrespective of who they are, their background and so on will use whatever way they can think of to attack another person for their political interests. This is what I called as uncivilized or third world mind set!

I am not mentioning on which parties but when party A throw an allegation, the normal ‘yin and yang’ theory will be that the affected party throwing the same allegation but with greater intensity. As what I can see from the recent situations, it is more like UMNO versus Zaid rather than Zaid versus Kamalanathan.

It may be politically good for Kamalanathan who was an alien to majority of voters except of course the MIC leaders. People may think why these two party making allegations towards each other are day by day. When UMNO leaders called Zaid as ‘kaki botol’, Zaid responded that ‘Which BN leaders that doesn’t drink or gamble?’. PAS came into defend by claiming all the previous PM except Pak Lah had did so, so what is the fuss now? Those voters who are fed up with these fighting may end up choosing Kamalanathan for being neutral in this case. Well, you can’t blame him. He is totally new and had no any significant achievements. Well, MIC has no right in choosing their candidate but to follow their master, UMNO.

The question arise is what is the main determining factors for the voters to cast their vote for any candidate? Their past or their achievements? If you are opting for achievements, glory goes to Zaid Ibrahim. He was the Minister in BN administration before and had done greater contributions to the nations. Well, just google his name and a long list will appear.

If you are judging on their personal background, may I call you an idiot! Who are you to judge a person? Everyone is not perfect in this world. Though Zaid admitted he was once a drinker but now return to the Islam teaching and ‘mengerjakan umrah di tanah suci Mekah’, what is the problem with you not accepting somebody who is determined to turn over a new leaf? Shame on you.

I would like give my greatest respect to YB Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and YB Lim Kit Siang for making orders to their respective party election machinery for not using the personal attacks in ‘fishing’ the votes. It is a morally good act. We have tainted past leaders from both different parties who still stand strong today such as Dr. Seri Chua Soi Lek and Elizabeth Wong. As for me, I won’t judge them based on their past but will judge them based on their achievements. Come on, dear fellow Malaysians. Change your mind set and be logical and rational. We need leaders to lead the country but we are not into the position at anytime and anyhow to interfere with the personal life. Don’t you agree?

Let’s wait and see the results in this coming Sunday. It seemed to be a 50-50 chance for both BN and PR. May the best win!

With that, I leave you with the thought on 1 Malaysia, personal past and dirty politics.


JIPP said...

well said bro.. well said.. :-) said...

u r one of the voter? haha

BernardC said...

Mirzan Mahathir....Oops did i said that?

Lukey Cher Hong said...

Problem is BN has lotsa tricks up their sleeves to make sure that they win

Dewi Batrishya said...

Ouch! a long entry..
Politics always gives me head ache. :(

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

hear hear brother. hear hear!

KwOnG FeI said...

And the winner as all had well informed was Kamal-Alan-Nathan securing more than 1000 ++ votes..
well, good luck for Hulu Selangor..
i truly deeply madly hope they will get their promises as promised..
40 million? 60 million?
Thats a HUGE amount..

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