Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009

Mister Potato .. a favourite when comes to tasty, crunchy potato chips! Lets start with a bit introduction. What are the meaning of the 'no compromise' tag of the potato chips?
  1. No compromise in quality: The potato chips are guaranteed to be 100% quality imported potatoes and free from fungi, bacterias and pesticides. In the factory, the potatoes undergo stringent selection to ensure no spoilt and skin blistered potatoes are used.
  2. No compromise in health: Only low sugar and high dry content as well as suitable colour, taste, size and texture will be selected. Finely sliced potatoes are washed in cold water to prevent the potatoes to stick together when they are fried. These chips are then cooked in vegetable oil in 185 degree Celsius with vegetable oil. No animals fats and hydrogenated oils are used.
  3. No compromise in taste: Freshly cooked potato chips will be laced with Hot & Spicy, Original, Barbeque, Tomato, Sour Cream and Smoked Turkey flavours. Samples will be taken and taste test will be conducted HOURLY to ensure quality is preserved.
And now, after packaging and delivering process, the tasty, crunchy potato chips are up for grabs!
Wide variety of Mister Potato flavours including Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Smoked Turkey, Tomato, Original, Salt & Black Pepper and Green Curry. There is a game contest named #1 Mister Potato Contest running currently consisting 8 stages or levels of which participants need to send in their photo with Mister Potato outfit towards the end. Feel free to try here.
And now, why I do not compromise on the quality of potato chips?
Let me present you the answer in the below story board with the title:
' My GF marry me due to no compromise Mister Potato'
M: (tapping on his gf shoulder) Dear, I..... I have something to say to you.. (in a very serious manner) F: (feeling unusual with her bf tone), (talking to herself) 'Hmm..will he be giving me a diamond ring he had promised earlier?'
M: I... I want you to become my life partner. I want to be with you forever. I want to take care of you for your whole life. (in a very serious manner) F: What! You gotta be kidding me. I don't see any sincerity at all. (talking to herself) If you show me a big diamond ring, no doubt I will say yes immediately.
M: I knew you love Mister Potato so much since you were young. In fact, our love started when we both fought against each other at the Ong Tai Kim Supermarket just for the last pack of Mister Potato. And now.. I want to use it to propose my marriage to you. Will you marry me?
F: Thats not sincere at all. (pushing away the Mister Potato)
M: Oh dear... do you remember how our love started? It was because the crunchiness of this Mister Potato that we shared together bite by bite at the 情人桥 (Lover Bridge, Tanjung Sepat). Come. dear.. take a bite of this crunchy Mister Potato and feel my sincerity and my love towards you. I promised it had never changed. (tear open the Mister Potato and taking out one piece to give to her) F: (Recalling those days sweet memories and started to feel guilty)
F: After munching the Mister Potato, the tastiness and crunchiness of the chips brought her back nostalgic memories on how she and her bf started to be together since age of 15. She begins to realise that sincerity is not shown by the golds, cash or materials but the heart of your loved one who cares and loves you. Amazingly, it was all because of the tastiness and crunchiness of Mister Potato that had never changed over the years that awake her from the materialistic dream. (she portraying an overjoyed face)
Finally, she agreed on the marriage proposal made by her bf. (both kissing to express their love to each other)
To pass the chain of love, she decided to throw the Mister Potato and passed the luck of love to the others. (Holding a pack of Mister Potato on hand)
And here she begins to pass the chain of love. She named it Mister Potato No Compromise Chain of Love! (throwing high)
And who is the lucky person to grab the chain of love? Is that you? I hope my readers will able to grab that and made yourself lucky in your relationship. Good luck!@ Finally, but not least..
Mister Potato - No compromise!
Their wedding dinner will be held in conjunction with Mister Potato Fiesta on 19 December 20o9 (Saturday) from 6.30 pm to 10 pm at Mist Club, Bangsar. The attire is Mexican/ South American. Kindly RSVP your attendance here.


ai wei said...

LOL, that's cute :) what a nice story

Unknown said...

where is my picture? haha

Tony Wan said...

lolololololololol... u LMAO lah

Unknown said...

ai wei, why u dont join as well?

YC said...

is dat really their wedding dinner? isnt dat jz a party at mist club?

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. cute =)

KwOnG FeI said...

@ YC: if u click and RSVP, then you will know well about their wedding dinner.. btw, this is very obvious is something....

YC said...

dey don look like dey r getting married lo...jz hard 2 believe. so, i guess d party n their wedding dinner will b on d same time, same place lo?

YC said...

i clicked d link n wat i saw was jz d mister potato contest. i din c their wedding dinner oso =.=''

KwOnG FeI said...

@ YC: i'm gonna hit against the is a blog contest and we need to write in a creative, no need to write so detail to preserve the intrinsic values...

YC said...

hahaha..go hit la...don stop until it bleeds.... =p it means dat its fake 1 la abt the 'wedding dinner',izzit?

KwOnG FeI said...

like dat also tak faham..
dun wan to comment further..

ai wei said...

vun, me lack of idea to write things @@

iriene said...

That's really fantastic. Creative and romantic. Hope you will win, all the best :)

Mabel Low said...

Lol @ YC. XD
Careful not to hit your head too hard man. Afterwards won't look handsome during the wedding. XD

Khai Ven said...

i see that you are joining the nuffnang contest eh..haha..i myself am too lazy to write a post about it..

anyway, the prices of the food from my blog are as follows:
Lamb Chop: RM15.90
Lasagna: RM11 something
Nasi Lemak: RM7/8 something
Spaghetti: I don't really remember..but it's not more that 15

And as for Wendy's, it's not really nice to me..I think Burger King is better than Wendy's..

KwOnG FeI said...

@ ai wei: she only good when comes to FOOD, FOOD and FOOD.. haha

@iriene: thanx so much for the wish~

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