Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ice Skating, Sunway Pyramid

The joys continue.. And this time, we headed to Sunway Pyramid for Ice Skating!!
Group photos before we entered into the skating ring.
Charlene, Me & Kuan Poh It's really hard to get a picture of yourself in the skating ring with the skating shoes. All picture thanks to Thien Jian who left the ring earlier due to fatigueness. Suk Yen, Chie Chek, Charlene, Me & Dickson Chatting & joking around Suk Yen, Chie Chek, Charlene, Me & Dickson Suk Yen Me The guy wearing EPSON jacket was the staff. He taught us some basic skills in skating but was too advanced for me. If you go skating and need guidance, look for these staff and they will assist you. Siew Hoon, Cindy, Dickson, Me & Chie Chek One more..pose every1 Siew Hoon..smile~ Cindy.. very enjoying.. Nice pic if without the scratch of the mirrror.. Lovely friends Finally, we saw Thien Jian.. 'Are you okay?' Lovely couple Charlene & Chie Chek Chie Chek was enjoing his skating till don't want to come out. See how Siew Hoon shoot Chie Chek to death.
On the left: Out of sudden, Cindy took the rifle and aimed at Chie Chek. Dickson took some time to calm her down from some mania. On the right: Charlene vs Cindy while Dickson vs Chie Chek in the dance game while me shooting them. Got interesting videos as well but weren't allowed to post here. Sob.
Taken while waiting for the lift to the car park. Random~
The total damage for ice skating was RM 8 for the damn expensive lau yah glove. If you guys still keep the glove or have your own pair, bring it for your skating session. The skating is FOC..wohoo~~ The normal admission fee (per entry) during weekday is RM 13 while weekends is RM 18. During public or school holidays, they give you a flat rate of RM 21 (avoid going in this period). The operating hours starts as early as 9 am till up to 10 pm. For more information, check their website here. Last but not least, I was so happy that I did not fall down for even once during the skating session. I still remembered how much bruises I got on my both legs, palms and hands during my first time skating session with another bunch of friends. For those people out there, go and have fun in skating for at least once in your lifetime. I assure you it is a nice experience even though you might need to fall down and getting bruises. Otherwise, who knows you can move around smoothly with the skating shoes/blades.


jocelyncoco said...

u all kno to skate well one arhx??i just kno how to step by step skate only.. i wish to skate smoothly norhx *-* lai lai..teach me!:D~*

Shu Yi said...

i also tried d, last holiday in August.hahaha
tiring tried

KwOnG FeI said...

@coco: me too is a noob la.. dunno how to skate.. but nw i learn hw not to fall down only..hahaha

@shu yi: wa..u come to kl very frequent ar..

Irenelim said...

I haven't tried skating le... haha.

Kristin said...

haha I dont even know how to ice skate,

Unknown said...

the epson's jacket guy is not staff =_="
he's just a regular skater..
like me... =D

wen pink said...

hahaha you guys had so much fun! it is always fun going ice skating in a large group.. and i love the dancing machine game in sunway too!! very fun!! i used to go there n play with my fren!

angeldream said...

hye ! blogwalking

you should have written how many times you fell :P


KwOnG FeI said...

@angeldream: i didn't fell down leh..

@wen pink: yup..i love skating in large group.. btw, for the dancing machine, i only played once in my lifetime that is at malacca becoz no crowd there. In KL, all eyes will be looking at u when you play it.

@pips: really? dat epson guy was skating the whole day and never out of the skating ring except during maintenance.

HitoMi Ng said...

I haven go leh...haha, soon i will!! Dun care liao...

sunway guy said...

hey, I got to ur blog when I googled for Sunway. nice blog u gt here. how u did the snow effects? =P

anyways, since u went skating at Sunway Pyramid, u might wanna check out this site www.sunwayfml.com

It's where Sunway students and open to everyone to come and vent, rant and say funny shit here. Do visit and post something up. Thanks!

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