Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Muzium Lebah Sedunia (The world 's Bees Museum

This world's bees museum is located nearby the Taman Mini ASEAN, Ayer Keroh.
L- Wan Nah and the giant bee R- The back side of the bee Before entering, WARNING that there is no camera allowed. Ok? Follow the rule. Entrance is FOC. This globe is made up from preserved bees. The range of honey in the WORLD.
One good thing about this place is you can try varieties of honey sold here FREE and refillable. There are 6 choices of honey provided. We tried all and even refill many times. The royal honey in the centre of the pic is the best of all. You can choose to drink the pure honey or mix with cold water before drinking.
Pictures booth One will learn various type of the bees here. Wan Nah licking the honey from the smiley bee. The KLCC BEES Riding on a bee? Group photo as usual Nice view?


mmmm said...

Can you provide me with the phone number of this bee's museum? i misplaced their business card and i want to contact them to buy honey

KwOnG FeI said...

very sorry that i do not have it..

Aan MI said...

may i ask??
is there any honey bee stall??
i mean a specific stall just for selling the honey??

Hayalan said...

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