Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Patient Counselling event + Chee Boon Birthday Celebration, Friday, 150808

It was a tight schedule day. Beginning early in the morning (8 am), we have our non Rx quiz. Then, we continue our class for another hour. After that, I have my Marketing assignment meeting with my members at 10 am. At 11 am, i have to go to the Auditorium for my special task which is to become the emcee for the Patient Counselling Event 2008. I just being informed 2 days ago while we all we working hard to study the non Rx. Nonetheless, I am able to prepare the speeches in the one hour time before the event kicked off at 12 pm not sharp but ++ due to the unavoidable technical errors. This event is first of its kind to be organised in my uni. It is conducted in accordance to the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF) guidelines.

The major problem is always there is no full co-operation from the students. They want the UCSIPSS society to be active and wanted more activites...but when we crack our head to make special event, they did not turn up.

The panel of judges. For Beginner Level, the judges are Ms Lyna Irawati and Mr Jony. Whereas, for the Intermediate Level, the judges are Ass. Prof. Dr. Yeong and Ms Wong Pei Nee.

L- Joanne conducting Px counselling with full enthusiasm. R- Suk Yen conducting Px counselling withe Oscar Award actor, Mr Allan. The audience are thrilled more towards the acting skills from Mr. Allan and Dr. Chin rather than the participants.

L- Katherine Lim Tze Yinn- Champion for Beginner Level R-joanne Quah Xian Hui - Champion for Intermediate Level

L- Lee Yen, the OC for PCE 2008 presenting a souvenir to Dr. Yeong. R- The expected winner sharing the best moments with the supportive friends. It was just 30 minutes be4 the event started which we are able to persuade her to joint his competition. For the sake or mortar and pestle (the prizes), we encouraged her to join despite other particiants had been given 1 week preparation time. The participants: Beginner Level- Katherine Lim Tze Yinn, Angeline Wong Su Li, Tan Choo Hoe Intermediate Level - Quah Xian Hui, Wong Wei Yau. Chin Suk Yen, Logeswary

After the event, we continued our non Rx class for another 2 more hours..The notes are so thick and Ms Wong as usual in her gear 5. Tiring..

In the evening, I watched the Olympic Badminton semifinal btw Chong Wei and Hyunil with my housemates. Soon after that, I drove back to Setapak for a gathering. The MRR 2 heading to the North was very jam according to the digital board at the highway. So, I used the Kl road but it was jam too. Due to long time din use the road, I missed the turning and went to another place. Arg... luckily after some time of searching, I am able to use another different road to go back Setapak.

Reached the place which is Neo Buffet Steamboat about 840pm (have informed earlier i will be coming late). I thought it supposed to be 8 pm but at that time, nt all has reached yet.

It's been long time we have not meet each other. So, I take this opportunity to update the recent news about their happenings.

R-Shanker(currently doin advancement in buisness management) and Chee Fei ( currently pursuing degree in chemistry). He has his interesting facts on ice cream claiming it is high in cholestrol..if nt mistaken...waiting for more report from him
L-Peng Ann and Chee Boon R- Me, Teng Foung and new person for me, ping ping.
I did not eat much as I was really tired and thus has low appetite compared to normal. Having slept for few hours + lectures + PCE + driving in the jam make me energyless. Furthermore, the food in this steamboat buffet is really worse. Not to compared to legendary Yuen Steamboat, it worse than Talipon Steamboat buffet. The choice of foods is very less and very small portions. Looking to the foods make me no appetitie to eat as well. In addition, there is very few customers and do not have the usual noisy environment. I chat with them more than i eat.
L- Shanker and Chee Boon..Chee Boon has been getting fattier... R- Teng Foung, Shanker, Chee Boon, Me, Chee Fei and Peng Ann
L- The picture directed by Director Yu who do not know how to operate a videocam but bring it along. He claimed his job only directing while the shooting is not his field of job. He's currently pursuing degree in broadcasting. R- Chee Fei, Ping ping and Chee Boon
R- Me and Teng Foung.. currently working in KLCC in IT field
L- Me and the muscle man Chee Fei. I had asked him the remedy to build up muscle. Will try it during my uni holidays or when i have money to buy the dumbbell
R- The gathering is actually to celebrate Chee Boon birthday which i only knew it half way during eating.. I had lost all the birthday info during previous hp.

Lighting of the candles

R- The assailant Chee Boon and Chee Fei We sang the birthday song in diff version..English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Chee Boon expressing his gratitude to all of us

After the Director has discovered how to enter the battery into the videocam, the 'videoman' job is taken by Shanker.
L- The usual tradition of taking out the candles by your mouth.. R- The aftermath..
L- Look carefully to his well painted face.. R- Each of us is to eat this large portion of cake..Accordingly, it is an ice cream cake..
Eating of cake.. R- The Director asked us to act like L of Death Note

The limited choices of seafood Rmb this steamboat and never ever try it! It's located at Wangsa Prima..
The only interesting about this place that attracted me is they provide bbq foods including satays. It's grilled upon order. The satays and bbq chicken wings stiumulate my appetite. I ate mainly these foods but the waiting time for the foods is very long.
After that, we all went for another session of yum cha'ing at BRJ. At that time, I was seriously fatigue and feel very weak. Weng Kit who had just reached back home joined us in the midway. We only dismissed at about 2 am. It was a real tiring day and i salute myself for being able to hold up till that late.


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