Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HDOK Walkathon 2011

The staff from Pharmacy Department whom participated in HDOK Walkathon 2011 

It's been a year since I first came to Sandakan and worked here in Hospital Duchess of Kent (HDOK). I was glad to be able to participate in this event which was conducted on 17 December 2011. It brought me with the memory during secondary school where we used to participate in Merentas Desa or Larian Amal events. 

4 good buddies (Me, Daniel Ung, James Voo & Hoo Gee Pang)

Hooray, we won a trophy even before the event started!! (fake one...)

Above were the prizes offered for lucky draws.

Alright, before we were going to start, ler's do some warming up with aerobic exercise. 

Here was our Mr. Instructor. A very professional, skillful and entertaining instructor.

Don't believe me? Here's the videos.

Awesome, right?

The guys
From left: Ashraf, Me, Joe Quah, Daniel Ung, Gee Pang, James Voo, Guan Boon

Speech by Director of HDOK, Dr. Zorina Khalid who is an environmentalist. In her speech, she advised the staff of HDOK to walk to the hospital instead of taking vehicles. She is a person who practice environmental friendly approach in office such as banning of plastic begs for dispensed medicines, discourage simultaneous usage of fan and air-cond, enforcing used papers to print documents including official letter etc. 

The girls: Jenny, Kak Yati, Param, Kak Mus, Sara

Ashraf, Faiz & Abu (3 jejaka buruan HDOK..haha)

Alright, let's start to walk.

Never thought to have a chance to take above picture~~

Walking up the hill towards Taman Sentosa. 

Kensun Mini Market

Walking towards Sentosa Apartment

Landslide site

In front of Sentosa Apartments

Walking into an isolated area

Places passed by during the walk 

The first time when we reached back to the HDOK compound, we queued up for FREE iced milos to quench our thirst. 

Main entrance of Specialist Clinic, Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan

Lucky draw session.

Lucky staff who walked away with lucky draws prizes!

The Pharmacy team~~

Hope this event will be carry out next year!! The participation fee was RM 25 per person with free T-shirt. 

Congratulations to the organising committee for the successful event!

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