Monday, May 5, 2008

Its another weekend~~

3th May 2005-saturday Today, I go for test print for exhibition materials as promised to Christine. We went around 1240pm and reached there be4 1pm. 1st print was wrong print as thr is no adjusment ... 2nd print was wrong coz didnt realise they chane the font in our slides to Calibri 3rd print was uisng big font size..too crampy...REJECted 4th print was using smaller font size...quite ok 5th print was using diff spacing size.. gt 2 for comparison. Well, all i subjected for approval from Dr. yeong. The boss was weird / cute accordingly to Christine as he wear shorts above knee which v r nt used to see.. Initially, i did hear he said he charged me 0.60 cent per piece but when i paid for the printing, it was only rm 1.50 (wonder why). Then we go for lunch. called up the lazy LMF but slept until pig and didnt asnwer the phone call which rang for minutes. He actually too tired as he work very hard levelling up the previous night. After lunch, head back to condo and reahc about 2. Was too tired but did not forgot to upload pics on fren's birthday to my blog..wasted few hours initially due to internet errors.. doubling the hours time to re-post.. it was alrdy late evening. Went for dinner with the usual gang at 118 with Tomas who jus arrived back to Kl. Christine couldnt joined as she need to accompany a churchmate makan as she was alone thr..Alvin wasn't full and he proposed for yum cha.. i set the time at 12am.. as our dinner finished around 8pm.. V did managed to come out for yum cha..normally, its jus a mere talk. Jyang our of surprise did join us (we can buy lottery alrdy) and we went to BRJ.. ah mei & christine is nt BHJ~~nearby the area is a park where v accidentally found by mistake.. Nice place for jogging.. Christine proposed for a jog in sun evening..ervy1 couldnt 100% agree coz they need to make arrangement to wake at that good can sleep very WELL... 4th May 2008 Its another Sunday where i canot go back home (get scolded by my mom and sisters) and the time spent is again for PHC.. Me and wan yee doing the slides with graphic.. I adjust the slides into real test print size so that it make my jobs easier later when printing time to avoid any corrections to be made at that point of time. Well, the com lab thr was so hot as no air cond was on. I asked the old lady and she said its nt open in only i knew after 2 years being here. Meanwhile, christine is adding up her references lists and do her jobs at 2nd floor with air nice. kau tim ervything by 1245..managed to get print them out while wan yee was still finding the books.. Old lady said the system alrdy closed and cant borrow books alrdy. i was so scared of her..she can scold any1 who make noise int he library.. she alrdy told me initially to get down earlier or nt get locked like wat she did to two malay gals some time ago.. the fear still thr but should be okay as i think she alrdy well known of me since she would saw me ervy sunday..i offered help to switch off the ligths in 3rd floor..hehe then we head towards fuk sing for lunch..and again they all puasa nt eating outside.. i tried the kakak BAK KUT TEH claypot for rm5..the soup was dilute but the meat portions quite a lot. initlaly, planned to go McD but was full house.. then head backs to condo.. at home, exchanged com with christine..she using my high speed com with LCD monitor while i using her laptop with the mandarin language input interfering me. We continued our stuff again.. I discuss with wan yee on further graphical touch up to the slides and taught her on referencing which she need to do tomolo since we didnt managed to borrow books back.. Sumwhere in the middle of discussion, house mate lao ma back liao.. she went to giant to buy stuffs. its the first time i blog on the day of the event itself.. hahha.. at the late hours.. 2moro need to go for attachment and tomolo will meet the juniors agaiN~~ when can i play cabal online????????even alvin started and reached level 3.. i hav lots of dvd in my home.. when can i actually watch them..

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