Monday, November 26, 2007

My part time job

It was a stupid and boring job. However, I can say quite enjoy because nvr be4 i work and can chit chat non stop from the time u start working till the end. At least, the boredom of doing the job was compensated with the laughter of jokes and humours from the I named kids. Moreover, no one will supervise you.

Topic of the day
Day 1: Guy's talk and chicken rice
Day 2: Gfs/Bf and paintball
Day 3: I forgot alrdy.

This is my job~ Checking for mistakes in grammar and punctuation just to make sure everything is the same~

Crazy collegue MR Wei Yau

left up -Chee hoe and rab left:rab, suk yen, pui mun
left down- Me and chun hong
middle: Deborah

cute cute cute pic..haha~
Time flies so fast.. and its now alrdy 3months since the very few days v met together..Lot of joys and laughter being together.. will v being able to meet again?

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